The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, The Royal Educational Missions! “Episode 2″

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

The noble hired staff of “The Royal Educational Missions” did spend enough time for research and study to decide how to filter “citizens” in some “remote kingdoms” to see who’s IQ was high and who’s is low. And accordingly in some regions, or call them “remote kingdoms” the majority of “citizens” did have low IQ levels. That was decided according to IQ tests and brain scans. The noble staff did feel surprised about the results.

IQ tests and brain scans continued till everyone in the “remote kingdoms” got tested and scanned. It didn’t take much time for this to be done, a human year we can say, which is less than a month in the upper world. Everything was decided, but not everything was supposed to be done suddenly and right now, because the King and the Queen have forever lasting plans to keep the development and progress happening in both worlds, the upper and the under.

Some “kingdoms” were completely evacuated, they were chosen according to their landscape or earth resources and environment. No “citizen” were allowed to live there for a while. And thousands of factories where installed, or under construction, hundreds of thousands of barracks for the working “citizens” to live in, and of course civil service centers. Other than that nothing was to be done. A whole “human country” was turned into an industrial land, ready to start as soon as the “citizens” with low IQ are brought in. These places were not to be recognized anymore, no landmarks, no statues, no houses like before, you won’t see schools, universities, temples, restaurants, malls, cars, etc.

People were moved in, information on how to do and what to do were simply installed in their brains, they were taught in seconds how to live a whole life full of routine and no creativity, and a whole list of what not to do was also installed,the list was long, long enough that doesn’t fit in a book, but in the brain it remains.

Sadly these “citizens” that were chosen as workers also had their feelings removed, there was no way to keep them with their feelings, what if they didn’t like their jobs, what if they didn’t like their routine and wanted to change that? what if they felt tired and needed a vacation? no no that is all not a possibility! What about all the dramas that may happen inside work environments that is usually started by women? there was no time to waste inside such “kingdoms” this is the place for work, for making and for production, and human reproducing was also programmed in these “kingdoms”, “citizens” there have no choice of when to have kids, this is what the upper world decides. And so They started manufacturing everything smart “citizens” needed in other kingdoms. That was the “infinite working labor”, and the infinite “industrial kingdoms”



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