The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Flipping Directions! “Episode 3”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

The Queen took a trip to the underworld again, after she and the King made sure their industrial plans are settled. Every time they visit the underworld they had to transfer themselves into humans, because “citizens” won’t be able to accept something they are not familiar with.

So her visit this time was to see more of what’s happening, although she already knew and could see everything from above, from the upper-world, but for her royalty that wasn’t enough, she wanted not only to see but also to feel everything. She wasn’t very pleased with how “citizens” do things, how they finish their tasks and jobs incompletely, she thought “citizens” generally tend to ignore perfection, she saw how they didn’t see the depth of their own lives, and how they do what they don’t like, or what they actually don’t understand, keeping themselves in limited circles in life. She didn’t like the fact that many of them weren’t grateful for what they had. And that of course wasn’t what would satisfy her. Knowing herself that in her “remote kingdoms” there were plenty of things to do, to have, many places to visit and see, many blessings to be grateful for, and most of all there was freedom for all but they simply didn’t know what freedom was like or how to find it.

The King himself, thought the Queen shouldn’t bother herself too much with that, since it was their lives and they, the “citizens”, cold live it as they wished, and they anyway their lives were relatively short. But he didn’t stop her either, acknowledging to  himself how much of a perfectionist she was, and she is until this day. And he also understood long time ago that she would still always have her human side. Oh well I forgot to tell you that the Queen Zoya herself one day was human, was a “citizen” in some “remote kingdom” just like the others, but somethings happened and changed her life completely. I will narrate that to you later, when the time is right. But don’t get confused here, King David The Great was never a “citizen”.

The Queen communicated with some “citizens” in different “remote kingdoms”,

Dear citizen of the “remote kingdom”,

I would like to know how you feel about hour job and life style, knowing that you are a mathematics teacher, with no other interests whatsoever, My Royalty also knows that you are not very happy doing your job. You were more enthusiastic a few years ago, and you were willing to do what you had to do to teach kids and teenagers mathematics in a proper way. But no more now. 

The Queen of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms.


This “citizen” was astonished by receiving a message like that on his phone, sent from a local no. and didn’t really understand who that was, he knew nothing about the words she used, like The Queen of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms! where is that coming from? what Kingdoms? And what Queen. Where he lived they had a president, and where he lived people didn’t call each other “citizens”, that to him was completely bizarre. He in return took that message as a joke, and replied back:


Who are you? And what are you talking about?

Ralph J.K

The Queen replied after she sighed:

Dear Citizen,

Kindly take this seriously, for I know you aren’t. I know who you are and I know where you live. There was no need to mention your name to my royalty.

The Queen of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms.


The “citizen” was now doubtful, but he did sense something important now in the first message and so he decided to try and open up and see maybe that can be a place to vent and complain:

Queen Zoya,

I don’t see any purpose why I should be happy about my job when I have been doing it for years now and people don’t appreciate it, neither the management, nor the students. I haven’t even gotten a respectable raise, and this is why I don’t like my job no more. And I can’t find a reason to like it and put all my efforts in it. 

Speaking of interests there is nothing much to do in this city, and I don’t feel like I should do anything.

She did somehow understand where is this all coming from. By the way, The Queen was taking a boat trip across the Indian Ocean, relaxing under the merciful sun, she pretty much likes the underworld oceans and sees, they absolutely differ from what she has in her upper-world. She of course replied to Ralph:

Dear citizen,

Have you tried to change your job? And I myself know how interesting your city is, in this “remote kingdom” there are many things to do, other “citizens” did improve the city a lot, and the youth there did make their best to make the city a fun place to live in!

The Queen of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms.


Annoying he found it how she had to sign every single message, but he just ignored that, and found it an old-school kind of thing. But anyway he replied:

No, I haven’t tried to change my job. I haven’t got the time to think of anything else I can do, time passes by too quickly, a week starts to finish followed by another and so on.

And regarding what you called it an interesting city, it’s not true, I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with you. What do find interesting here? The parks? or the clubs? or the many restaurants? or the museums that we visited over and over when we were kids? Or maybe you mean all the diving, snorkeling and other water activities we have because we are located by the ocean? Or what is exactly you mean?

The Queen saw that coming, these “citizens” never tried to see other cities or other “remote kingdoms” and for them everything seemed lame by now, everything is so familiar and lame, boredom got to them. But it was still as she saw it their fault to trap themselves like that. She didn’t reply to that “citizen” again. She did communicate with other citizens too, and without them knowing she visited their houses, work places, saw their properties and lands, watched them from afar suffering poverty and pain. But she wanted to teach them something, something they didn’t know before. Let’s take this Ralph as an example.

Zoya the Queen decided to put that “citizen” in a position where he can change his life and learn. She did manage his life to go in certain way so he loses his job, and ends up unemployed for several months. He didn’t move a muscle for a while, but when he started running out of money he started searching and looking, he even sat and thought of himself and what he liked to do and what he didn’t want to be like. For him being unemployed for several months was awful, it did frustrate him, he went crazy sometimes, cursing everything. Sometimes he ended up being drunk, wasted, totally wasted. He didn’t know what to do, no one called him for any interviews although he applied to several schools and companies, and when they did they never called him back to see him again or to offer him an actual job. He at some point had to accept silly jobs he never wanted, like being a delivery car driver, he accepted jobs like a waiter, things only students would do. But he had no choice. At the same time, he took it easy and bit by bit he learned to be patient, he did realize that he could do better at his previous job as a teacher, and he could get promoted, and he admitted to himself that he never tried hard enough to get there. He sooner started doing the things he enjoyed, he enjoyed taking pictures of people and the city, he did enjoy hanging out at the beach and made new friends, positive people who also tried to help him to find a job. Yes he still got frustrated sometimes, and thought he lost hope some other times, but he told himself that even if he gets mad and smashes things at home or fights with someone he was going to still try. One day he did realize that he was never grateful towards any of the jobs he ever had. A week later, he was employed in a corporate that needed creative smart people like him, with enough IQ to help the government to keep their schools and universities updated with the latest information and researches, and he loved that job!

Queen Zoya from above, did keep up with the changes this “citizen” and others faced, and saw how each one of them reacted to all that. She was very impressed with another “citizen” who decided at the end that he didn’t want to stay where he was staying, since he always complained he never belonged to where he came from and that his country, as humans call it, no matter how hard he tried never made him a rich man, he suffered enough poverty in his life and he got sick of it, and things got worse as well after he received that weird message from that person who called herself The Queen. He decided travel and travel across the “remote kingdoms” until he found one that he could finally call home and after a couple of years of settling down he started his own business, which later made him finally a rich man!

Little did they know how much they can change with their own hands if only they wanted to.

“Episode 2”

“Episode 1”



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