Does My Cat Know?


Probably not, but this is how it is!

Two months ago I started feeling pain in my feet and that got really bad as time passed by, for now I’m not ready to talk about it, maybe later, and I’m still not over it. So in total my walking turned bad, I can’t run or jump so far, been off work since then.

My cat, who’s name is Zoya, lol same as the queen’s name in “The Kingdom of All Kingdoms”, which is also my nickname, delivered her babies less than a month ago, she now has 3 nice black kittens, just like her.

Every time she is around and I want to see her kittens I have to go downstairs to the basement where she is happy to have them; safe and warm. So I call for her and she joins me to go and see them. She goes downstairs quickly, usually, but now she goes five or six steps down quickly and waits for me to step down, and as I get near her she goes another bunch of steps down fast and wait for me, then she walks into the basement but she never goes beyond the doors or walls where I can’t see her, instead she waits there where we both can see each other. And it goes on like this until we both are with her babies!

Today I was wondering if she actually knows or if she is just too excited and doesn’t want me to change my mind and go upstairs all of a sudden and not see the babies. But every time she waits for me she makes me laugh. These creatures we call pets are definitely awesome!

Life is good, keep smiling people!

Katia 🙂