BODYPUMP™ 90, My Personal Review!

I know this is coming a little bit late, since many of you are already following this blog and looking forward to reading cool stuff about Les Mills™ programs, I apologize since I had a few hectic weeks.

This time I’m starting my review quite differently!! Yeaaah! Let’s do it!

BODYPUMP™ 90 Track List:

  1. You Make Me                  “Avicii
  2. What Now                        “Rihanna
  3. Conquistador                “Thirty Seconds to Mars
  4. Promises                           “Nero
  5. Walk of Shame              “P!nk
  6. Miss Jackson                  “Panic! At The Disco feat. Lolo
  7. Stay The Night              “Zedd feat. Hayley Williams
  8. Thumbs Up (For Rock N Roll) Kill The Noise Remix                “Kill The Noise And Feed Me
  9. Something I Need       “OneRepublic
  10. How You Remind MeNickelback

Two Alternative Track:

5. Put Your Hands Up          “Stevie feat. III Youth

6. Everybody Bring it          “Ronnie Fi’nesse

I guess many of you are happy with this play list now 🙂

1. Warm Up:

The track starts with the presenters telling us to find THE FATIGUE in each and every track, how do you feel about that? It makes me thrilled!!

This is the coolest Warm Up track so far for me, Upright Rows and Dead Lifts combined is an amazing thing. Triple Dead Rows are there to heat you up for a cooking workout.

Right after single Clean & Presses, Squats come immediately, the transition is pretty short, I love it, it’s truly a good Warm Up. Same happens to Lunges. There is change here, we can see it, the Warm Up ends with Lunges 🙂

The music is amazing in terms of connecting with the crowds!

2. Squats:

Three Stances, Three Sets of work and more, and more and more muscles to activate!

You will notice in the recent releases that the sets are similar to each other in terms of Choreography, it’s not hard to memorize them anymore, which is great, set your mind free and focus on your efficiency.

I like Squat tracks which start with super slow tempo. It never gets easy here; Super Slow, Easy Singles, Down and Hold and Bottom Halves! Good luck out there cooking your new strong legs!

The song is popular, the remix might not be, but it’s powerful, once you push play you wouldn’t want to stop even if your legs started to fall apart!

3. Chest:

This is the hardest Chest track I’ve ever tried so far! It is, all of it, a stagger, not only the parts called stagger! CHEST PRESS ALL THE WAY. If your chest muscles are not that strong, I suggest you go light till it becomes easy, then you can increase the weights. I believe this needs you to activate the virtue of patience (lol :p)

4. Back:

Tell you what? WHY? haha okay,  this is pretty tough as well! Four Sets of work, lots of things to do!

We’ve got Dead Lifts, Dead Rows and Clean & Presses , which are back to us 🙂 in Set One and Two. Very neat and very well put, easy to follow and remember. The Recovery comes on time, as Set Three comes different and challenging; with its Dead Rows, Front Squats and Squat Presses. There are plenty of them there. During and after Set Three I doubt anyone would be able to breath normally. Set Four comes to finish us, because it’s a duplicate for Set Three! METABOLIC STRESS “to burn the most amount of calories” is waiting for you each and every time you choose to play this track. If I called the chest track a ‘Cooking Track”, I would call this one  a” Baking Track”.

I personally like this one!


How do you feel about your Triceps in general? Weak? Strong? You will figure your Triceps out right here, right now!

We did miss Extensions and Presses, didn’t we? And there are so many of them, soooooooo many!!! I don’t usually find Tricep Dips challenging, but after all these Presses and Extensions they are actually tough! But what else are we here for? To get stronger! And that’s why we love it!

Check the alternative track.

6. Biceps:

Miss Jackson is gonna haunt you till the next release comes out! You will be so addicted to this, soooo addicted! I do appreciate the fact that we do train our Biceps in different ways in BODYPUMP™. We don’t use the bars all the time, we don’t use the plates all the time either. They do care for us, don’t they? The Mid Range Plate Curl is actually a great way to feel the burn. Thank you BODYPUMP™ it never gets boring!

Check the alternative track.

7. Lunges:

Popular song, easier for all of us 🙂

Starting with a Wide Squat Stance is truly a gift; more muscles to recruit and engage. I wouldn’t say this track is the hardest, it comes for many of you out there as a chance to recover, if you feel this way go heavier. Instructors, please do give your member options, to go Body Weight if they find Lunges hard to do, or let them Squat instead, many people suffer knee problems, thank you! 🙂

8. Shoulders:

It always makes me excited to start Shoulders Tracks with Push Ups! Here you go, you’ve got 16 of them! And not only that, Push Ups come different this time at the end; as many as you can, as fast as you can! The MAX PUSHUP!

Up Right Rows followed by Over Head Presses is a typical combination, but it does work perfectly fine for your shoulders. Tempo here will be your challenger, as it goes in singles and in 1/1/2 as well. You did guess that you will have to Push Press here as well, I know! lol

Mac Raises are back as well! Here we have a double challenge: 1. Is to perform strong and beautiful Mac Raises, and 2. To teach our members to do that as well! I see members confused trying to perform them since they go in complete different directions.

What I like here the most: the difficulty level and the music! Lovely perfect choice!

Thank you for reading! And Have fun while making your body and mind stronger!

El Far3i & Munma – Shu Beddak 2013? الفرعي و مونما – شوبدّك 2013؟

Shakira – La La La (Brazil 2014) ft. Carlinhos Brown

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, The Immortal Child “Episode 12″

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

I promised before to tell you how Zoya, the Queen, turned from a mortal “citizen” into an immortal Queen, and so here is the charming story.

Long time ago, when knowledge wasn’t accessible to everyone, either because there was no path to it, or it was too important that it was kept hidden away from the common, Zoya was born and brought into this world, to a family that was, of course, just a common.

As soon as she started talking, which she did very early, her parents knew that she was different, special and enlightened in a way they couldn’t understand. She told her mother for how she remembers very well watching her when she was still in her belly, and how she also felt her mother’s love and tried her best not to cause her any difficulties during her pregnancy.

Bit by bit as Zoya started growing she started writing poems, although no one taught her to write or read, and she started painting too. She in her arts referred to things no one around her knew before her. Not only that though, she was also being able to tell the history of a person just by looking into their eyes, she knew everyone’s life, sorrow, happiness and secrets. “Citizens” from all around the “Remote Kingdoms” came to meet this girl and see this prodigy, to listen to her poems, to gaze at her paintings and got lost in them, and to test her abilities of narrating their pasts. Zoya got a bit older, and discovered her love to music and singing, she composed her own, and played on different available instruments, music that spoke to everyone’s soul.

Her parents understood her powers, and that she was unique in every aspect, but they didn’t know what to do with that child. She, as they heard, was the one and only with such maddening talents. They were happy and blessed to have such a child, however they were worried and didn’t know how to protect her. Nevertheless, Zoya didn’t need any protection, she knew and sensed where danger laid and avoided it.

Zoya grew into a smart, fearless, wise yet vivid and vigorous adult. She, everywhere she went, shined like a star. “Citizens” spotted her unintentionally, she was like a magnet. Those who didn’t know anything about her, didn’t actually understand their indiscriminate attraction to her. The moment their eyes met with hers they couldn’t stop staring, they felt they were looking for something like an answer, a clue, or an infinite treasure that was going to change their lives. Only she could stop those eyes from devouring hers, by one single blink, all that magnetic attraction would vanish.

Although Zoya lived for a while the life that she wanted, she wasn’t later satisfied. She wanted to know more and to learn more. She wanted to be wiser, calmer and more tranquil. She wanted the world to be a better place, she wanted to make it a happy place, but she didn’t know how, for it was full of troubles, poverty, wars and tragedies. Despite this she decided to travel around the “Remote Kingdoms” and find the answers to her questions. She traveled for a long time, sometimes she even lost the sense of time. She saw lots of new things and met many “citizens”, she expanded her horizons and decided her favorite places. She worked in random places for random “citizens” to earn some pennies to keep herself alive and sheltered. She served in a barn that belonged to a rich “citizen”, who owned mansions and huge farms. Since then she knew her love to horses can never die. She took care of a horse, that she felt was reflecting her personality and thinking, even though this animal didn’t talk, it could read her mind as clearly as she could read its. The owner noticed her attachment to the horse and as she wanted to travel further, he gave her that horse as a gift for her dedication and hard work. She continued her journey, knowing she still didn’t accomplish her mission, not knowing exactly what her mission was. She wanted to see and know everything. She knew later that knowledge was infinite.

One night she woke up thrilled by the terrified neighing of her horse, she didn’t get the chance to calm it down when she saw a shadow of a man riding another horse. That figure of his was bigger than any other “citizen”, and the shadow of the horse was huge too. Fear took over her and she couldn’t think nor react, she suddenly froze, and that ice inside her soul became rapidly contagious, everything froze; the horse, the breeze, the greens and every living soul. Time stopped along with her heart. Zoya was still being able to see and hear, and she knew she wasn’t dead yet. As soon as the man put his hand on hers, In a single second, she saw her whole life passing by in front of her eyes, she had seen it all, but the end wasn’t given to her. Then suddenly an enormous feeling of explosion happened inside her and inside everything, around her and around everything, but it was mute, so mute that no one can understand it, it was like an explosion of rocks caused by the powerful pressure of water trying to furiously climb into the surface, but the only difference was the silence it held in it. Life returned to her as soon as she respired and her horse stomped with one of his legs against the ground.

That man is King David, who back then was “The Prince of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms”. Nobody knew there was such a Kingdom, because no one saw it or heard about it. It was beyond their reach, too far, too big and too serene to be spotted. The Prince spoke to her without saying words, and told her how everyone in “The Kingdom of All Kingdoms” longed to meet her even before she was born. He told her that they had to wait for the right time to meet her, and how they watched her every day and night, protected her and provided her with everything she needed to be ready and to be as wise as she should have been. Zoya seemed very confused, she couldn’t understand what exactly she had to conclude, but since he read her mind, he knew he had to explain.

She could hear his voice, although he was silent,”Dear Zoya, you are not to stay here, you don’t belong to this place. You are one of a kind. Everyone in “The Kingdom of All Kingdoms” has been waiting for you, including myself. Your time is not now, not here.”, she didn’t understand and questioned it in her mind, “Then where, and why if I was born here, on this earth?”, He was going to explain further, looking deeply in her eyes, when he suddenly felt a burning sensation inside him, he never felt that way, and didn’t realize it as quickly as he should have, his thoughts and ideas vanished, she realized immediately what happened and fast enough she blinked to relief him for the magnetic attraction that everyone else couldn’t explain or handle. He felt suddenly released, and wondered demanding himself for an answer but he couldn’t find it, and decided to continue explaining to her who she was and where she was supposed to be. “Your royalty, you are an “Indigo Child”. All the other indigo children are not to be here yet, and they are all still reserved for when the time is right. I know you don’t know what an indigo child is. You do sense and realize how different you are from everyone else, don’t you?”, she nodded agreeing, “You are the child of the future, you’re a different kind; the one the world will need later, when life is harder and faster, and quickly developed and changed. Your kind will bring enlightenment to the world you know. But to keep you here means to lose you, you are mortal, “The Kingdom of All Kingdoms” can’t let this happen. Your life matters to everyone out there, We found only one indigo child, which is you”.

Zoya then unwillingly stared in his eyes, as deep as thoughtful as it was possible for her then, not realizing what this man was saying, not being able to relate. And he fell again a victim of that burning sensation. When it happened the second time she managed to stop it too, but a bit slower than the first, he knew that was not a feeling that anyone in “The Kingdom of All Kingdoms” was supposed to feel, he knew they were not supposed to feel anything, but he and for the first time felt, felt something he didn’t know, until later.

She had to suffer for a short while to lose her mortal heart and soul and hold ones that are immortal. It was painful, it was cruel, yet it happened too fast. The Prince knew that he had to remove all her feelings too, because feelings don’t matter in the “Upper World”, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get them out of her, she suffered even more, the harder he tried the worse it was for her. He soon knew that he was going to lose that battle, and as soon as he realized it he screamed with agony, he felt pain, something he never felt before. He let go of her feelings, he felt he was going to commit a horrible crime that is unforgivable to him if he just destroyed her feelings. Zoya since then became immortal, an undying indigo child that is supposed to do something to the “Under-world” later on. He turned her horse into an immortal huge horse, explaining to her “That it is actually an indigo animal, the one and only found as well. We have to take it with us, it will be always yours, your royalty, you are a princess now, and you should have a noble horse like this one.”.

They had to travel to the “Upper world”, and on the way there he told her about the burning sensation, and how he didn’t know what it was. “Have you never loved anyone in your life?” She was surprised by her own question. “Loved? No, we don’t love” he explained, “But what you felt was love!”, He kept his thoughts to himself, not willing to even think about feelings, but then he remembered the agony he felt, and asked her about it too, “I felt I was a demon when I was in the processes of making you immortal, I felt I couldn’t look at you between my arms while you were suffering. What was that, is that love too?”, he hoped for a no, “That is love too, but this is more of regret and self torturing feeling, that is when one feels they can’t forgive themselves for something bad they’ve done. That’s your good side feeling sorry for others who are suffering.”

The Prince then knew that he not only found the one and only indigo child, but also knew that he fell in love for the first and the last time, with someone who’s emotions were supposed to be erased, with someone whom he was supposed to free from emotions, instead this someone has given him treasures, feelings he can only feel while he’s with her. She changed his life for good.

Click here to Listen To The Indigo Children’s Song

OMAR FAQIR “Faqir Syndictae” / Wain A Ramallah

BODYCOMBAT™ 60! Happy 15 Years!

BODYCOMBAT™ instructors and fans are celebrating 15 years of BODYCOMBAT™ in the international market. 15 years of hard work, creativity, development and love.

According to that, BODYCOMBAT™ introduces to us a new move! Let’s talk about this in a bit. Before that I would like instructors to pay attention to the educational session in their DVDs, I believe not everyone watches them, as some of us hurry just to learn to choreography. The educational session this time came to help you protect your voice as another gift from Les Mills™ for us to celebrate 15 years of BODYCOMBAT™!

What damages your voice?

  • Screaming and shouting can cause a serious damage to your voice; they can cause your vocal cords to vibrate at a higher frequency, which inflames the surface, and in worse cases that creates scarring, and if scarring is not being taken care of it causes nodules. The continuous misuse of voice will make these nodules hard and rigid, which may lead to the necessity of a surgery.   Keep in mind that people don’t enjoy hearing shouting and screaming, and it’s not connective to yell.
  • Every instructor is a professional voice user, or supposed to be. But your body posture during your classes is not always going to help you to use your voice correctly, neither would physical tiredness nor dehydration. Teaching back to back classes, and teaching classes while being sick are ways to damage your voice.
  • Caffeinated drinks dehydrate your vocal cords.

How can you protect your voice?

  • Warm up your voice before you start your class. Think about the importance of warming up your body before working out, and same applies to your voice. There are many ways to warm it up: breathing, small vibrations, lubricating your vocal cords with warm water, starting the class with a conversational voice gives your voice time to warm up, and singing before teaching.
  • Don’t force your voice, find a low tone that is powerful, avoiding high pitch.
  • Rest your voice as you rest your body. Choose resting days for your voice, inform people that you are resting your voice. Avoid talking and singing during this time. You may want to do things that don’t require you to speak and you enjoy them at the same time.
  • Getting enough sleep helps your vocal cords to heal and recover
  • Don’t teach while you are sick, because it’s a common cause for vocal damage. It’s not a sign of weakness when you call in sick.
  • Avoid Caffeine, and when you have a sore throat avoid strong menthol sweets.

In your choreography notes you will find notes and tips on how to protect and care for your voice, please do read them.

 The New Move!

Right! So let’s move on into the new move we’ve got in this new release! IT’S THE SUPERMAN PUNCH! It’s basically a cross that comes after stepping forward with one foot and hopping forward as well using the same foot. You can find it broken down for you also in your  DVDs! Enjoy this one!

Release 60!

  • UPPER & LOWER BODY WARM UP (1a & 1b)- Hit me with your best shot “Neon Ninja”, Roar “Hot Cherry”

This current release and the one before include upper and lower body movements in the upperbody warm up track, this way we are preparing ourselves and our members for a big workout coming ahead of us.

Boxing, Tae Kwon Do and Capoeira are our themes here. It’s fun, it’s cool and it’s easy to follow.

The fun continues in the lowerbody warm up track. Again Boxing and Tae Kwon Do are there along with Mixed Martial Arts.

The Familiar music drives the vibe, and it will keep you confident. Being confident should allow you to simplify your cuing, remember to get back to the basics to connect clearly with the members and be understood. Teach your members to understand the different levels of range of motion by mentioning different targets.

  • COMBAT 1- Black or White “The Treat Ring”

Kick-Boxin, Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do! This track is relatively short and the challenge for the instructors is to encourage the participants to get the best of the workout. The music is so popular, people will sing along and be very excited.

They are many repetitions, which is going to help people to hit the quality through the quantity. If you can hear the bell it’s good for you, because it’s your sign to change sides or to know it’s time to move on. I love the noise of breaking glass in the back fist! Maybe you want to point it out to the people out there, they might visualize breaking actual glass.

  • POWER TRAINING 1- Fly Away ” Deer Between”

Lots of upper cuts and lots of hooks! Good stuff! Many people don’t master these two and this track is going to help them learn how to perform IF you help them to.

The intensity should be shifting from easy to hard. Simple High Intensity Interval Training is there for you. Staring slow, then faster, using more muscles across the body by bracing the ABS and twisting the torso help getting the benefit of HIIT. This one is happy; happy music and happy atmosphere!

  • COMBAT 2- Emergency “Steve Aoki Feat. Lil Jon, Chiddy Bang”

They call this track THE BEAST!

Capoeira, Kick-Boxing  and Tae Kwan Do! So we are having enough Tae Kwon Do this time!

Very powerful music and very challenging workout. I recommend beginners to take it really easy, decreasing the range of motion at the beginning will decrease the intensity till they get used to it, later they can go crazy!

The split lunges are going to be a challenge for some people out there, it will make the workout seem hard. But they are good as long as they are performed correctly. This track also will teach people to find their physical balance.

I love this one, it’s really powerful!

  • POWER TRAINING 2- Rise Again “Breeze v Lost Witness”

Alright! New things here for us again! “Interval within Interval” which means you are starting with a moderate intensity then the jabs come to create and increased core and cardio response throughout the workout.

We also have the “On The Beat, Off The Beat” rhythms to create and authentic Boxing feel and training in the last round on both sides.

  • COMBAT 3- What’s love“Ste Ingham and Nick Skitz”

Mr. Nick Skitz is being our featured artist for this release. I guess his music has been wisely used in BODYPUMP™ different releases, and now it’s being used over here as well. His music is powerful and to some of you it speaks to your minds while training.

Track 6 is based on Tae Kwon Do. Lots of repetitions and one martial art can be a bit intimidating for many instructors, for they feel it can be boring, yet challenging to keep the spirit during the track. It’s very important to learn to cue and coach before teaching this track, being organized in thoughts will help you deliver the right thing in the right time and grow within the workout.

Perfecting the posture and the technique will also free your mind while you teach, as it works out for all of us when we learn the choreography very well.  I would personally focus on the Decoy Switch here, because it does magical things to the core. Trying to connect through the music will give the track different colors.

  • Muay Thai- Kryptonite “Proof Luke”

Awesome music, new move and a good way to teaching the combo; saying 7 is everyone’s clue to their combo. The knees, the elbows and the Superman punch will all leave you raged and fatigue, it all will activate your cardiovascular system and will strengthen your core. Attitude will create the soul of this track, the aggression, the determination will make things look real. This track is not to keep the smiley faces! Haha seriously you won’t manage that!

  • POWER TRAINING 3- Sun Shine on a Cloudy day- Bang!

6 minutes 53 seconds of Boxing. Joyful and euphoric yet intense. Take it easy people, the Muay Thai track killed us all. Start easy and nice till you catch your breath!

Upper and lower body working together again, we ain’t goin’ lazy! Encourage yourself to catch the workout as soon as the Double Jab combo arrives.

I always look forwards to an epic finish, and there it is for you! Work together as a team in the finish, one team, shoulder to shoulder foot to foot, feel the heat of the person next to you, this helps you put even more energy into it.

Enjoy the new release, the intensity this time is really challenging yet great! I personally liked a lot the new graphics and colors of our educational materials, very artistic and brave. I would say all in all this new release it refreshing to all of us out there!


Puscifer- Indigo Children

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Shifting Glory “Episode 11”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

How immortal “citizens” are?

Queen Zoya, never forgets that one day she was mortal. Sitting on the edge of the moon with King David, watching together the world down there, as she started day-dreaming, and he, while watching her, secretly admiring her immortal beauty, looked through the under-world.

Some “citizens” reached glory already, and some are on their way, and others, yes others, don’t know anything about glory. Glory of achievements, of knowledge, of fame, or of wealth, since it comes in so many ways.

It pretty much amused the King that the cycle of “citizens” glory is pretty short, unlike his; his glory is just like him, immortal and made to last till there’s no end. As the King spotted an interesting glory cycle happening he put his hand on the Queen’s shoulder, so gently he did in order not to suddenly disturb her. The moment she opened her eyes, he looked into them and smiled, that immortal smile, that lasts printed in her memory forever. He pointed with his finger towards that interesting cycle of that “citizen” who works hard to reach glory, no matter how big or small the “citizen’s” dream was, it was still interesting to watch. That “citizen” was growing relatively fast, breaking barriers to his dreams. It takes of course the “citizens” a matter of years to achieve certain things, but for the upper-world time has a different value. A few years time is a matter of a day or two up there. They both watched quietly admiring the efforts that “citizen” puts into his target, valuing each step and each favor given to him, each hardship he tries to take easily, wisely and patiently. His royalty King David, whispered in the Queen’s ear “Isn’t that impressive?”, she in return nodded, on her mind agreeing on how this “citizen” doesn’t fall no matter how things and other “citizens” try to break him. At the bottom of the road to glory he went steady, and as he was approaching the climax of his glory, things started happening rapidly, too fast, he had no time to think or decide, reaching that glory of his happened too quickly he couldn’t even realize it, but by the time he did he collapsed.

Zoya shook her head side to side feeling sorry for the “citizen” who couldn’t even last till that moment to enjoy a glimpse of his dream coming true. But the King patted her shoulder, even gentler than his whisper, assuring her such living souls like that glorious “citizen” continue to fight for their dreams.

At the same time, someone down there got immediately inspired by that “citizen”, let’s call him the “glorious citizen”, and unconsciously followed his steps trying to reach his dream too. No matter how different the methods he chose to use, he still followed the same steps. “Would he reach glory”, the Queen thought silently. And the King laughed, sarcastically laughed! Zoya looked at him surprised, and he knew he got to justify it for her.

“My dearest, my Queen, look at them, they fight for things they know aren’t theirs. They want to last forever through their dreams and glories. But my dearest, don’t you just believe me when I say that their glory is some sort of energy, it’s not contagious, and so it’s not going to spread around, it only shifts and changes its direction, from one “citizen” to another, like any other type of energy down there. One time it’s for this “citizen” another time it’s for another.”, the Queen knew the King was right, he was never mistaken, and didn’t expect him to sympathize with them, since she knows as well that only she in the upper-world has feelings for the world down there.

“Then how can they make glory theirs and lasting?”, the Queen then wondered.

“There’s only one way my Queen”, the King said looking thoroughly into all his Kingdoms.

“What is that one and only way?”, she asked, not sure about the answer.

“The one and only way, my dearest, is if they knew and believed that there is another immortal life waiting for them somewhere else. When that belief grows deep and wild in them they will work harder on their own mental, psychological and spiritual glory, because these are the only things they take with them to their other immortal lives.”

“And everyone down there deserves the glory they reach?”, she curiously asked.

“Do you assume that everyone down there prefers the clean path? If the path they choose was full of dirt then how do they deserve any glory?”. He answered firmly.

The Queen then stared and stared at each and every single “citizen” down there, knowing sadly that not all of them know or have the key to immortal glory, for they were ignorant enough to find the right path.