BODYCOMBAT™ 60! Happy 15 Years!

BODYCOMBAT™ instructors and fans are celebrating 15 years of BODYCOMBAT™ in the international market. 15 years of hard work, creativity, development and love.

According to that, BODYCOMBAT™ introduces to us a new move! Let’s talk about this in a bit. Before that I would like instructors to pay attention to the educational session in their DVDs, I believe not everyone watches them, as some of us hurry just to learn to choreography. The educational session this time came to help you protect your voice as another gift from Les Mills™ for us to celebrate 15 years of BODYCOMBAT™!

What damages your voice?

  • Screaming and shouting can cause a serious damage to your voice; they can cause your vocal cords to vibrate at a higher frequency, which inflames the surface, and in worse cases that creates scarring, and if scarring is not being taken care of it causes nodules. The continuous misuse of voice will make these nodules hard and rigid, which may lead to the necessity of a surgery.   Keep in mind that people don’t enjoy hearing shouting and screaming, and it’s not connective to yell.
  • Every instructor is a professional voice user, or supposed to be. But your body posture during your classes is not always going to help you to use your voice correctly, neither would physical tiredness nor dehydration. Teaching back to back classes, and teaching classes while being sick are ways to damage your voice.
  • Caffeinated drinks dehydrate your vocal cords.

How can you protect your voice?

  • Warm up your voice before you start your class. Think about the importance of warming up your body before working out, and same applies to your voice. There are many ways to warm it up: breathing, small vibrations, lubricating your vocal cords with warm water, starting the class with a conversational voice gives your voice time to warm up, and singing before teaching.
  • Don’t force your voice, find a low tone that is powerful, avoiding high pitch.
  • Rest your voice as you rest your body. Choose resting days for your voice, inform people that you are resting your voice. Avoid talking and singing during this time. You may want to do things that don’t require you to speak and you enjoy them at the same time.
  • Getting enough sleep helps your vocal cords to heal and recover
  • Don’t teach while you are sick, because it’s a common cause for vocal damage. It’s not a sign of weakness when you call in sick.
  • Avoid Caffeine, and when you have a sore throat avoid strong menthol sweets.

In your choreography notes you will find notes and tips on how to protect and care for your voice, please do read them.

 The New Move!

Right! So let’s move on into the new move we’ve got in this new release! IT’S THE SUPERMAN PUNCH! It’s basically a cross that comes after stepping forward with one foot and hopping forward as well using the same foot. You can find it broken down for you also in your  DVDs! Enjoy this one!

Release 60!

  • UPPER & LOWER BODY WARM UP (1a & 1b)- Hit me with your best shot “Neon Ninja”, Roar “Hot Cherry”

This current release and the one before include upper and lower body movements in the upperbody warm up track, this way we are preparing ourselves and our members for a big workout coming ahead of us.

Boxing, Tae Kwon Do and Capoeira are our themes here. It’s fun, it’s cool and it’s easy to follow.

The fun continues in the lowerbody warm up track. Again Boxing and Tae Kwon Do are there along with Mixed Martial Arts.

The Familiar music drives the vibe, and it will keep you confident. Being confident should allow you to simplify your cuing, remember to get back to the basics to connect clearly with the members and be understood. Teach your members to understand the different levels of range of motion by mentioning different targets.

  • COMBAT 1- Black or White “The Treat Ring”

Kick-Boxin, Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do! This track is relatively short and the challenge for the instructors is to encourage the participants to get the best of the workout. The music is so popular, people will sing along and be very excited.

They are many repetitions, which is going to help people to hit the quality through the quantity. If you can hear the bell it’s good for you, because it’s your sign to change sides or to know it’s time to move on. I love the noise of breaking glass in the back fist! Maybe you want to point it out to the people out there, they might visualize breaking actual glass.

  • POWER TRAINING 1- Fly Away ” Deer Between”

Lots of upper cuts and lots of hooks! Good stuff! Many people don’t master these two and this track is going to help them learn how to perform IF you help them to.

The intensity should be shifting from easy to hard. Simple High Intensity Interval Training is there for you. Staring slow, then faster, using more muscles across the body by bracing the ABS and twisting the torso help getting the benefit of HIIT. This one is happy; happy music and happy atmosphere!

  • COMBAT 2- Emergency “Steve Aoki Feat. Lil Jon, Chiddy Bang”

They call this track THE BEAST!

Capoeira, Kick-Boxing  and Tae Kwan Do! So we are having enough Tae Kwon Do this time!

Very powerful music and very challenging workout. I recommend beginners to take it really easy, decreasing the range of motion at the beginning will decrease the intensity till they get used to it, later they can go crazy!

The split lunges are going to be a challenge for some people out there, it will make the workout seem hard. But they are good as long as they are performed correctly. This track also will teach people to find their physical balance.

I love this one, it’s really powerful!

  • POWER TRAINING 2- Rise Again “Breeze v Lost Witness”

Alright! New things here for us again! “Interval within Interval” which means you are starting with a moderate intensity then the jabs come to create and increased core and cardio response throughout the workout.

We also have the “On The Beat, Off The Beat” rhythms to create and authentic Boxing feel and training in the last round on both sides.

  • COMBAT 3- What’s love“Ste Ingham and Nick Skitz”

Mr. Nick Skitz is being our featured artist for this release. I guess his music has been wisely used in BODYPUMP™ different releases, and now it’s being used over here as well. His music is powerful and to some of you it speaks to your minds while training.

Track 6 is based on Tae Kwon Do. Lots of repetitions and one martial art can be a bit intimidating for many instructors, for they feel it can be boring, yet challenging to keep the spirit during the track. It’s very important to learn to cue and coach before teaching this track, being organized in thoughts will help you deliver the right thing in the right time and grow within the workout.

Perfecting the posture and the technique will also free your mind while you teach, as it works out for all of us when we learn the choreography very well.  I would personally focus on the Decoy Switch here, because it does magical things to the core. Trying to connect through the music will give the track different colors.

  • Muay Thai- Kryptonite “Proof Luke”

Awesome music, new move and a good way to teaching the combo; saying 7 is everyone’s clue to their combo. The knees, the elbows and the Superman punch will all leave you raged and fatigue, it all will activate your cardiovascular system and will strengthen your core. Attitude will create the soul of this track, the aggression, the determination will make things look real. This track is not to keep the smiley faces! Haha seriously you won’t manage that!

  • POWER TRAINING 3- Sun Shine on a Cloudy day- Bang!

6 minutes 53 seconds of Boxing. Joyful and euphoric yet intense. Take it easy people, the Muay Thai track killed us all. Start easy and nice till you catch your breath!

Upper and lower body working together again, we ain’t goin’ lazy! Encourage yourself to catch the workout as soon as the Double Jab combo arrives.

I always look forwards to an epic finish, and there it is for you! Work together as a team in the finish, one team, shoulder to shoulder foot to foot, feel the heat of the person next to you, this helps you put even more energy into it.

Enjoy the new release, the intensity this time is really challenging yet great! I personally liked a lot the new graphics and colors of our educational materials, very artistic and brave. I would say all in all this new release it refreshing to all of us out there!



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