The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Genocide Child “Episode 14”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

There was lots of blood, smoke, ashes, dead bodies, destroyed buildings and horror all over that piece of land in the “Under-World”. Queen Zoya saw that from the “Upper-World” and felt really sad, lots of “citizens” get killed every minute. Genocide is an act of evil, she thought. There was no place for them to hide in or run to, there was no way to save a life.

Although such killing doesn’t differentiate between old and young, Queen Zoya couldn’t stop looking at children’s corpses and scattered limbs and heads, as if they were nothing else than those. But there was something she never saw before, she couldn’t understand it while looking at it from the “Upper-World”, and so she decided to travel to the “Under-World” to see and maybe understand it, she saw white light filling the corners of the streets and in front of the doors of houses, and near each and every grave, that piece of land had no electricity  and no water after all the bombings.

 She hurried to see the white lights, she was surprised when she couldn’t see the white light no more, she walked around for a while hoping to find it, she passed by dead bodies, passed by destroyed houses, crying children and women, passed by unarmed fighters, walked through graveyards, but saw nothing. She decided to find a place to sit, wait and observe. The place smelled of fear and warm blood, she could sense the shivers of each “citizen” there.

As soon as it got dark, she started seeing small white lights moving around and around, restlessly they moved as if they were lost and confused. She went chasing after these lights, and as soon as she came near one, she saw a child surrounded by white light but full of blood, wearing torn cloths and no shoes on, carrying a doll in one hand, while the other hand is not there; was cut off, or taken away in brutality, the child looked restless, too uncomfortable, her eyes were lost in the dark but searching for something.

“What are you looking for?”, Zoya asked the child. The child only then saw the Queen, not knowing who she was, she turned hallow eyes towards her “I’m looking for my mother and my little brother, I saw them here last night, I shall wait, they will come back.” The child answered fearlessly, painlessly, but restlessly.

They sat and waited, many white lights started gathering and gathering, there were plenty of them, plenty of children surrounded by that light, they knew each other as they met, they hugged and cried, and told each other their stories of how they got killed and how they lost their body parts. Some carried body parts of others, and gave them back as soon as they found to whom they belonged. They carried toys, dolls, and babies. They kept keys of their houses, maybe to come back one day, and pictures of their loved ones, who still didn’t join them,  in order not to forget them.

The Queen then asked the children what they were going to do till then, but the children didn’t know. She then asked them to find those who killed them to taunt and haunt them till they die out of fear and panic, tell they go down on their knees and cry asking for forgiveness. The children’s smiles then brightened up, and they all agreed to fly and find those who robbed them their lives,childhood, happiness, families and houses. They agreed not to give up and promised not to forgive those who could kill cold bloodedly, and promised to come back each night to the graveyards to meet their loved ones and find them waiting for them there in the peaceful dark nights.

“A genuine sad dedication for our beautiful children in Gaza”


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