The Kingdom Of All Kingdoms, The Good & The Bad “Episode 15”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

Zoya the Queen isn’t always serious, serious can be lame! She decided to take a ride on her immortal horse in the “Under-World” in order to amuse herself.

“Citizens” were here and there; working, playing, studying, sleeping, eating, cooking, reading, watching TV, arguing, etc. The “Under-World” was busy, full of “citizens”, it was quiet loud compared to the “Upper-World”, and crowded as well. She decided not to pay attention to those who were busy working, because for her, while she was looking for entertainment, they didn’t look interesting, in the contrary, the looked boring and all serious.

But there’s something interesting that was happening over there, most of the “citizens” were busy arguing with one another. She decided to listen to their arguments and see if they argue about anything that can be interesting. For her own amazement, the majority of them were arguing, even the horse noticed that.

She was astonished by how “citizens” judge each other, so if someone does something good to someone then they are considered good, they praise each other, whether that was face to face, or in each other’s backs. But once someone does something, not necessarily bad, but isn’t acceptable by the other, they are judged as bad immediately, and “citizens” find so many ways to ruin each other’s reputation, find ways to scold and hate each other, and castigation becomes so easy to do. Not only that, but they also become creative in disrespecting each other, and allow themselves to let others see that “citizen” as evil as bad as they seem them themselves. Almost everyone was like that, friends, couples, colleagues, mates, even family members.

And funny how if that disregarded “citizen” does good again, all the bad words said about them are to be forgotten, and that “citizen” becomes good again, no matter how far they went in showing their bad side, once they do good, they are fabulous again, they are magnificent again, they are the greatest again!

And no matter what, everyone followed the opinion of the emotional “citizen”, who cried and screamed and shouted bad words and judgments, and once that “citizen” smiles, they forget everything and listen to the new positive judgments and thoughts, and they believe either way, like their opinion didn’t count or mattered.

The Queen, understanding how emotional “citizens” could be, didn’t understand how illogical they could be at the same time.

The Queen goes back to her  Throne, laughing and weeping at the same time over her own “citizens”, knowing they were never going to change.

Wankelmut, Emma Louise – My Head Is A Jungle (MK Remix)

Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants

BODYPUMP™ 91, What’s Happening?!

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while sense I’ve published something that you all would like to read.

Well it’s all about BODYPUMP™ 91 this time. The release is big and massive with lots of refreshments and cool tracks.

The release is presented by Glen Ostergaard, Karin Zandstra, Marcus Benson, Jeremiah Evans and Alex Veret.

  • 01. The Warm up:

There is emphasis on the clean and press in this release, how to do and which muscles to recruit. In order for instructors to be able to teach and deliver the clean and press properly, it is highly recommended that you watch the education session in this release, which I have published earlier.The music is uplifting, yet soft and has lots of positive impact.


Usually we use only the bar during the warm up track, but this time we are using the plate at the end of the warm up for side raises and rotators. It’s a pretty cool change that we can see here, truly refreshing and very noticeable.

  • 02. Squats:

Many of you, instructors, are going to find this track hard to memorize, but if you listen to the song several times, you’re going to memorize the choreography in no time.

The workout keeps shifting between mid-stance, for quads, and wide-stance, for glutes, which is quiet intense, especially the breathers are too shorts and the transformations are quick. The singles and the bottom halves are going to create the fatigue that we all look for while working out.

Good luck to all of you on this one, I really enjoy it!

  • 03. Chest:

Again change, change and more change.

The 1st Body Pump release I have taught was 83, yes i’m kind of new to Body Pump, compared to others. But since release 83 had been published until release 91 came, there were no push-ups introduced to us during Chest tracks. We used the bars and the plates and that was it, Now in release 91 you are to use the plate, or the bars and do some chest push-ups, which is going to maximize the efforts used to accomplish the track.

This one is tough if done properly!

  • 04. Back:

The back track stresses on dead lift and dead rows this time more than it focuses on clean and presses, which is quiet interesting. The music is really cool, the combo is cooler, and the choreography is easy to remember! But all in all, all the targeted muscles will hit their goal; Posterior chain: Glutes, Hamstrings, lower and upper back and of course lats!

After back track in this release you will feel your heart rate going crazy!

  • 05. Triceps:

Hey brother! Such a cool song! Really! But watch out for the confusing beat, it can be misleading.

The 1st time I actually did this track I first thought, what are new members going to do here? Because it’s really challenging, it’s a big workout for triceps. Dips followed with overhead extension, followed by kick-back-rows, then again for the other side, then triceps push-ups, then again overhead extension. That’s pretty cruel towards people who just walked into Body Pump 😛 !

But we need to ask people to go for light weights if they have never been to such a class! We don’t wanna scare them away, right? 🙂

  • 06. Biceps:

Since Glen himself is the one to design the Choreography and choose the music, I wanna thank him for this one! The music has a character, BAD COMPANY! Compared to other Biceps tracks this one goes slower than usual, which is a killer. The mid-range pulse here comes in the right places, but the choreography is unfortunately not that easy to remember, unless at the beginning of learning the track, instructors keep on counting how many reps they have done, especially the combo reps.

I love it though, I found it very attractive!

  • 07. Lunges:

I really think it’s better not to do so many lunges like in this track, since lots of people complain from knee pains during lunges track, So replacing some lunges with mid-stance squats, plate squat presses and dynamic plate squat press is really an exist for those who can’t lung!

Love the song!

  • 08. Shoulders:

This seem to be the highlight of the release! The music, the workout, the challenge, the rave in it! Everything in track 8 is pretty loud and clear.

I personally like this track, but here is what I think, and I might also find many of you agreeing with me on this point:

The track is intimidating, especially in the last 2 sets of work, it’s really not design for at least females, lol!!!! I find it hard to go on with 2.5 KG plate doing all these rotators, side raises and PEC DECS, it’s pretty insane, especially that, we instructors, happen to be on stage and we need to deliver right techniques.

The track is amazing, it’s explosive and really mad, but it is going to be intimidating, as I said before, for a big amount of people over there!

  • 09. Core:

I rarely mention track 9 in my reviews, this one came with a big change again, all the hovers and side hovers are just amazing. Not everyone can do that, to be honest, but in my opinion, it’s time for so many people out there to move into another level of strength and conditioning.

Yes, the song is really cool, and the choreography goes along with it, which makes it cool to remember!

Love you Body Pump guys and girls! Stay with this cool release! I believe this one is going to change something in you 🙂


BODYPUMP™ 91, Education!