The Kingdom Of All Kingdoms, The Good & The Bad “Episode 15”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

Zoya the Queen isn’t always serious, serious can be lame! She decided to take a ride on her immortal horse in the “Under-World” in order to amuse herself.

“Citizens” were here and there; working, playing, studying, sleeping, eating, cooking, reading, watching TV, arguing, etc. The “Under-World” was busy, full of “citizens”, it was quiet loud compared to the “Upper-World”, and crowded as well. She decided not to pay attention to those who were busy working, because for her, while she was looking for entertainment, they didn’t look interesting, in the contrary, the looked boring and all serious.

But there’s something interesting that was happening over there, most of the “citizens” were busy arguing with one another. She decided to listen to their arguments and see if they argue about anything that can be interesting. For her own amazement, the majority of them were arguing, even the horse noticed that.

She was astonished by how “citizens” judge each other, so if someone does something good to someone then they are considered good, they praise each other, whether that was face to face, or in each other’s backs. But once someone does something, not necessarily bad, but isn’t acceptable by the other, they are judged as bad immediately, and “citizens” find so many ways to ruin each other’s reputation, find ways to scold and hate each other, and castigation becomes so easy to do. Not only that, but they also become creative in disrespecting each other, and allow themselves to let others see that “citizen” as evil as bad as they seem them themselves. Almost everyone was like that, friends, couples, colleagues, mates, even family members.

And funny how if that disregarded “citizen” does good again, all the bad words said about them are to be forgotten, and that “citizen” becomes good again, no matter how far they went in showing their bad side, once they do good, they are fabulous again, they are magnificent again, they are the greatest again!

And no matter what, everyone followed the opinion of the emotional “citizen”, who cried and screamed and shouted bad words and judgments, and once that “citizen” smiles, they forget everything and listen to the new positive judgments and thoughts, and they believe either way, like their opinion didn’t count or mattered.

The Queen, understanding how emotional “citizens” could be, didn’t understand how illogical they could be at the same time.

The Queen goes back to her  Throne, laughing and weeping at the same time over her own “citizens”, knowing they were never going to change.


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