Body Under Maintenance!

Many of us go through phases when they try to fix something in themselves, maybe because they don’t like something, or maybe because they wanna get busy doing something.

In my case I decided to go through a personal challenge regarding my physique, looks-wise and performance-wise.

What triggered it is more than one reason; first, it’s winter time on this side of this planet right now, and I, like many other people, tend to eat and sleep a lot more than I usually do in other seasons, I feel like a Polar Bear in winters! My body screams: EAT, SLEEP, DO NOTHING, REPEAT! Although I’m a group exercise instructor, DO NOTHING is not an option; nowadays I work 6 days a week, but I don’t think the amount of training I do on daily basis can forgive the amounts of food I eat.

Second, the night is pretty long during winter and I really started to feel bored, I do not appreciate winter timing, as the state decides to change in between summer timing and winter timing, it’s depressing, annoying and boring. So I though why not do something useful in order to kill time!

Third, I have a certain image of what my body should look like since a long time now, and I thought lately: I’M THE ONLY REASON WHY I’M NOT WHAT I WANT TO BE! In fact it’s true, no one stops me but myself!

Fourth, I have been having sleeping issues and problems, and i guess that is related to the lack of activities i do during the day, and day naps I like to take, so when it’s time to sleep at night, I can’t close my eyes! So I thought if i workout a bit more I will be able to find peace at night.

Fifth, upgrading external physical appearance will lead to changing internal matters, I’m hoping for the best of course, there is one major thing I would like to change in me, which I will be talking to you about later on! So it’s a chain of changes that will take place soon!

Sixth, I have been lacking motivation to do anything this year, for some reasons that I think are not necessary to talk about right now,  but it’s kind of depression and lack of self-esteem, and I decided to get out of that black-hole usefully!

I wish those of you, who are trying to reach personal goals, all loads of good luck.

Stay tuned with me, I will be sharing more supplement reviews, workout routines and goal updates.

I’m not by any chance trying to boast, brag or claim to be a super hero, I’m rather trying to motivate myself and those of you who lack motivation and looking for stimulation to start doing something, anything!

Love and peace!



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