Body Under Maintenance, Week One & How It Went!

Hi everyone! I’m very excited to share with you whatever I went through last week!

As I said before during winter I do eat more and I do gain some weight, just like many of you, and that is considered normal, but because I really am against weight gaining in that sense I decided to do 2 things mainly:

  1. To take a fat burner
  2. To start lifting weights

Some of you is against fat burners and might criticize me for it, but seriously I no way can diet during winters! NO WAY MAN! NO WAY!

So I decided to take “Animal Cuts” from “Universal”, which I tried before. This time I started on the 1st of this month, December. Later on I’m going to write a review about the product so you know what is that all about.

The fat burning process is happening well, within the last days I have lost the extra 2 kg (4 lb) that I gained earlier as the season started. I still have to take “Animal Cuts” for another 2 weeks. I would say yes sometimes I feel nervous and I know that part of it is from the product, which is not always good, but it’s okay.

Now regarding my weight lifting training, I decided to get help from a friend of mine, who happens to be a personal trainer, I can say I’m lucky to be in the field of fitness and be surrounded by fitness instructors, some of them are really great and willing to help. So my friend and my personal trainer agreed to help me UNDER ONE CONDITION: TO TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! Which so far I’m doing, although I know sometimes it’s too much especially that I teach classes on daily basis and being physically tired doesn’t always let me wanna do more or force myself to train, but so far I’m being stubborn about it.

Me and Abduallah Q, AKA Bob, are having difficulties finding mutual free time, since he has his sessions at the gym and I have my classes in different places, but we are somehow somehow trying 🙂

My Training, Week One

Day One “Back & biceps”

We did the following exercises:


  • Lat Pull Down “Machine”
  • Low Row “Machine”
  • Wide Lat Pull Down “Cable”
  • One Arm Row “Dumbbell”
  • Back extension & Fly “Combo”


  • Superset: Dumbbell Curls, Seated Cable Curls, Dumbbell Hammer Curls.

In between all the sets we did lots of ABS exercises, since Bob noticed that my recovery time is relatively fast, he didn’t give me time to rest.

The workout all in all was madly good, I did enjoy myself and my time, although I asked Bob to take it easy on me, since I know what might happen to me next day! BUT he insisted that I wasn’t in a position to argue (lol)! SO next day my ABS and Biceps were dead and that, of course, did affect my performance during my classes!

It took me 2 days to want to train again, and the third day I couldn’t make it, I had so many errands to run and I ended up not going to my session. So that was a failure, but it didn’t stop me to go and work out again!


We did the following exercises:


  • Shoulder Press “Dumbbells”
  • Full Circuit Lateral Raise “Dumbbells”
  • Front Raise “Plate”
  • Bent Lateral Raise “Dumbbells”


  • Superset 1: Two Arms Over Head Extension “Barbell”, Two Arms Over Head Extension “Dumbbells”
  • Superset 2: Cable Push Down, Dips

I managed somehow to convinced Bob that HE OVER RATED ME POWERS, and so he let me rest in between sets and next day my classes didn’t feel like a burden!

DAY Three “Chest”

We did the following exercises:

  • Bench Press “Barbell”
  • Incline Chest Press “Dumbbells”
  • Incline Chest Fly “Dumbbells”
  • Chest Press “Cable”
  • Pectoral Chest Fly “Machine”

That went really smoothly, because I wanted since the beginning to work my legs alone, so it happened that “DAY THREE” is chest only, although Bob wanted me to work my ABS out, but I had some pending matter outside the gym that I had to get done.


  • Losing 2 kg (4 lb)
  • 12% Body Fat
  • Getting Out Of Comfort Zone
  • Some Sore Muscles
  • Eating Less Random Unnecessary Foods

I will be writing you next week again! If you have any questions to ask or anything to say I’m more than happy to keep in touch with you!

Those of you who are working out regularly and trying to reach their goals: I SALUTE YOU!


Katia 🙂


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