You need some money exchange service? Avoid Samhouri Exchange!

Alright guys, I really don’t like to do this, but I’m pissed off and I’m forced to tell you how awful Samhouri exchange company is.

I had to transfer some money via Western Union to a person in Dubai, UAE. Unfortunately I did that by going to Samhouri exchange, Mecca Mall branch, Amman, Jordan. The first attempt failed since my friend in Dubai couldn’t collect the money because his passport was with the authorities to get his visa and work permit since he moved there recently. So I changed the name of the receiver to another friend, which happened a few days later, the second friend didn’t go collect the money, since as he said was busy, although when I asked him if he could help me he confirmed to be the one to do it. I had to change the name of the receiver again, you so so far I had to go to the exchange office three times, so my last attempt was yesterday, and the girl who works there confirmed that it has been changed and that my friend can collect the money in half an hour. So I contacted my friend and told her she can collect the money, gave her the transaction number and everything needed.

Today morning my friend called me to tell me she couldn’t collect the money, because the transfer doesn’t have her name on it! I was pretty surprised. And thought great! That could mean that my second attempt to change the name also didn’t happen.

The girl who works in that branch is rude, and has an attitude, I don’t know who hired her, she deals with customers as if she is forced to do the job, and her attitude is that of a person who thinks others’ people’s life depend on her.

I was surprised when I went to change the name the third time when they told me the system is down, and I decided to be patient about it, since they said come back tomorrow. So basically I went there 4 times in total. When I went the 4th and the last time, they still said the system is down, and then I asked them to do it from another branch, or find any way to do it, or just let me withdraw the money to do it from another place, but they confirmed that everything will be alright in 30 minutes.

Now if you ask me about the customer service in my country, I would say: WE HAVE NOTHING CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE. We only know and hear about it, but we don’t get to experience it. I can tell you so many stories about our bad customer service, about money you pay to get a bad service and a bad treatment. And it’s very strange in case of money exchange companies, for one reason, to me at least, we have been having them since the day the oldest streets in this country had been paved.

And funny enough, the only way to get your things done in this place is to scream and shout and talk to people in higher positions to complain, only then, really only then you get what you paid for, added to that your wasted time and nerves.

To the girl who works there, if she ever reads this, darling go home and give a chance to people who really need the job.

Usually and normally such services, as money transfer, occur and happen in the same day, but Samhouri Exchange is not interested to transfer your money. Please avoid this company no matter what your circumstance is.


  1. I also have the same problem with Samhouri exchange. I sent money on 3rd dec’14 but still waiting…!!!! I don’t know what to Do??? I went to CBJ and files by complain….what else I can do???? ..Please help if anybody has any idea !!

  2. Just read the comments./article… Btw Samhouri has become bankrupt and many people who had transferred their money to their near and dear ones have lost due to the negligence of Samhouri exchange who is a fraud… I taster re my savings to my home country Jod 10,000!and have still not recvd anything from my transfer… Central bank is saying they are working on it but all in vain 😦

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