Body Under Maintenance, Week Two!

This is one part of the gym

Hi there!

My second week of working out extra was pretty tough, because week one smashed the hell out of my muscles, but I pushed myself to keep going. I was planning to train my legs again this week but I decided against it in the last minute because I taught enough BODYPUMP™ and BODYCOMBAT™ classes, beside other classes.

After 14 days of taking Animal Cuts I decided to stop taking it because I started disappearing, but at the same time I’m just on a one week break from it, will be back to it on time, since I really can’t hold on to any diets, I was pretty stressed during the second week, and food happens to be a reliever. But I can’t complain much, my second week regarding working out and teaching classes were challenging which made it fun.

My Training, Week Two


We did the following exercises:


  • Lat Pull Down “Machine”
  • Low Row “Machine”
  • Wide Lat Pull Down “Cable”
  • One Arm Row “Dumbbell”


  • Superset: Dumbbell Curls, Seated Cable Curls, Dumbbell Hammer Curls.

I was pretty beat up to be honest, but I fought to finish my workout, I felt accomplished only at the end of it.


We did the following exercises:


    • Bench Press “Barbell”
    • Incline Chest Press “Dumbbells”
    • Incline Chest Fly “Dumbbells”
    • Chest Press “Cable”
    • Pectoral Chest Fly “Machine”


  • Superset 1: Two Arms Over Head Extension “Barbell”, Two Arms Over Head Extension “Dumbbells”
  • Superset 2: Cable Push Down, Dips

Bob was pretty busy this day, I found another coach to help me, since I decided to increase the weights for the chest. I was more energetic during day two. But my previous workout affected my power during my classes in the next day, which I think is normal, it had to be compromised.

In the first week I worked out my shoulders with my triceps, but this week I worked chest and triceps instead.


Yes, shoulders only! But I did 2 extra workouts, compared to last week. We did the following exercises:


  • Shoulder Press “Dumbbells”
  • Full Circuit Lateral Raise “Dumbbells”
  • Front Raise “Plate”
  • Bent Lateral Raise “Dumbbells”
  • Superset: Upright row “Barbell”, Shrugs “Dumbbells”

In the first week Bob decided 3 sets of work for me for almost all the exercises, but this week for shoulders I decided to go for 4 sets of work, and heavier weights.

Bob was busy again and I wasn’t excited to work my ABS alone, I’m depending on whatever ABS exercises I do during my classes.


  • More Muscle Soreness
  • Eating More “Due to stress and fatigue”
  • Taking L-Glutamine For Recovery
  • Sleeping better at night
  • Stopped Taking Power Naps
  • More Muscle Definition In The Upper Body
  • I Feel A Bit Stronger In My Upper Body

Haha sometimes it’s just hard to get your ass out of somewhere warm and comfy and say “I’m going to the gym to workout”, especially when you know some kick ass class is waiting for you later in the evening. But I’m really trying. I also hope to work out my legs during week 3!!

I will try next time to take a picture with Bob 🙂

People! Keep pushing, please! Nothing happens easily, nothing happens while being lazy!

Stay Cool!

Katia 😀


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