Body Under Maintenance, Week Three! HORRIBLE!

So okay the week started, and I wasn’t very excited about it, especially when Bob insisted that we started with legs! I wanted to leave legs for the end of the week, in order not to suffer through  it, I thought having the weekend as a rest would be a better idea. Anyway Bob is very stubborn and I really can’t find a way to make thins my way LOL.

My Training, Week Three


We did the following exercises:

  • Superset: Standing Leg Curl Hammer, Stiff-Leg Dead-lift  “Lever Machine”
  • Single Leg Standing Kickback “Cable”
  • Single Kneeling Kickback “Cable”
  • Swiss Ball Leg Curls
  • Single Leg Standing Kickback “Cable”, Standing On “BOSU Ball”
  • Walking Lunges “ViPR”

So I have one comment here to add, Bob noticed that my balance is not great, so he decided we do Single Leg Kickback on “BOSU Ball”. Was pain in the ass to do the exercise twice to be honest.

After “Legs Day” I couldn’t go back to training the whole week, my legs were beat and I had extra classes to cover for my colleagues. I decided not to kill myself, knowing the amount of working coming, and if i train extra I might not be able to teach my classes properly! I’m sad though! Week Three wasn’t as I expected it to be!!!!


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