The Kingdom Of All Kingdoms, You & My Coins “Episode 16″

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

Queen Zoya visits her Kingdoms frequently, and doesn’t like half of what she sees down there! This time she noticed how the “Citizens” disrespect each others money and properties all the time.

She noticed how “Citizens” borrow money from each other, and when it comes to paying back they feel like giving something precious they own away, which shouldn’t be the case, because it isn’t theirs in the first place. So they start delaying, and finding excuses in order not to pay back, or the find ways to pay in installments, while they received the money at once.

Or when they borrow things from each other, they misuse, misplace and abuse them, unlike if they were theirs. They rarely care for what they don’t own, and they don’t put themselves in each other’s shoes.

They don’t have to borrow things to misuse them, they might misuse things they see and encounter in public areas, even things like trees and plantations.

Queen Zoya didn’t like that at all, she even got pissed off, and punished everyone she met, who misbehaved that way, by damaging their own belongings and turning their golden coins into bronze coins in front of their eyes, for them to know the reason behind her action, thinking they don’t deserve to own things and be in charge for things!

Bakermat – One Day (Vandaag)

I have a dream too, that one day my nation will rise and shine,  all the injustice will leave us alone, and our kids will be finally home, safe and sound!

Body Under Maintenance, Week Seven, Life Is Good But Sore!

Chest & Triceps Day

This week seemed a little bit longer than usual, classes, weight lifting, learning new Les Mills releases.

But regardless of the feel of the time, I tried my best in week seven to workout and do all I can regarding increasing weights, and again the motivation comes from the “Beast” and his help and support means a lot to me, because he makes me discover that I simply can!

My Training, Week Seven

DAY ONE “Shoulders & Biceps”


  • Seated Hydraulic Bar Shoulder Press
  • Over Head Press “Dumbbells”
  • Front Raise Alternative “Dumbbells”
  • One Arm Fly “Dumbbells”
  • Shrugs “Hammer Machine”


  • EZ Bar Concentration Curls
  • Bicep Curls Alternative “Dumbbells”
  • One Arm Concentration Curls “Dumbbells”

DAY Two “Chest & triceps”


  • Chest Press “Bar”
  • Incline Chest Press “Bar”
  • Decline Chest Press ‘Bar”
  • Chest Fly “Dumbbells”
  • Chest Cable Fly


  • Push-down Rope
  • Extension “Bar”
  • One Arm Cable Row

DAY Three “back”

  • Lat Pull Down
  • Seated Row
  • T-Bar Row
  • High Pull Cable
  • One Arm Row
  • Back Extension
  • Pull Over “Dumbbells”


  • Carrying more weights
  • Feeling Stronger
  • Sore Muscles All Week Long
  • No Time To Workout The Legs

See you next week, again with the “Beast” 🙂


Thanks "Beast" for the nice pictures!

Thanks “Beast” for the nice pictures!


Oasis – Wonderwall

Body Under Maintenance, Week Six! With The Beast!

The Best Adel, My Gym Patner
The Best Adel, My Gym Patner

So the snow was still there, but I got fed up and decided to go to the gym and I was surprised to see many people there! During this time I got to see one of the guys ,who work at the gym, not as a fitness instructor, no, but works there, working out, and I honestly liked the way he does things, so I asked him if we can start training together, because to be honest, Bob is usually very busy and I didn’t wanna pressure him more, I felt like a burden to Bob, and his free times don’t always fit with mine, so the new guy, agreed!

Working out with the best had been fun during week six, and I liked the way he pushes me to carry more weights, keeping in mind I’m generally small in size, so he pushes me almost to failure. Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to “Adel”! lol

My Training, Week Six



  • Lat Pull Down “Machine”
  • Seated Row “Machine”
  • One Arm Row “Dumbbell”
  • Back Extension


  • Biceps Curl “Cable”
  • Biceps Hammer “Dumbbells”

DAY TWO “Chest & triceps”


  • Chest Press “Bar”
  • Declined Chess Press “Bar”
  • Incline Chest Fly “Dumbbells”
  • Cable Cross
  • Cable Fly


  • Push Down “Cable”
  • Over Head Extension “EZ Bar”
  • One Arm Cable


  • Carrying more weights
  • Feeling Stronger
  • Body Pump Usual Weights Feel Lighter
  • It’s Winter, No Dieting, I’m Gaining Weight!

See you next week!

Don’t Quit It Just Yet!



Body Under Maintenance, Bob & Myself!

Abdullah Q. (AKA Bob), & Myself!
Abdullah Q. (AKA Bob), & Myself!

Body Under Maintenance, Week Five, Quitting Smoking!

Hey guys!

The main update that happened during week five is that I decided to quit smoking, since it was the 1st week of the new year, and I wanted to start new.

It was a very horrible experience to be honest, as my body ached, I suffered enough headaches and lack of concentration, especially in the 2nd and 3rd days. I was out of energy, I barely could teach my classes, I had problems listening to 2 people talking at the same time, or more funny, I might be talking to someone and ask about someone else while the other person is actually standing next to me but I couldn’t see them!

Then life saved me when it suddenly decided to snow and everything closed in Amman, and no body went to work, and my body got a break from everything…

Tomorrow, Saturday the 18th of January, will be day no. 14 without smoking, I’m really proud of myself to quit, and I feel prouder when I reject a cigarette and say “I don’t smoke” , because it always seems hard to do so, and smokers in general are really attached to their cigarettes, nicotine is highly addictive. If you are not a smoker, please don’t start, since recently I couldn’t live with the guilt of smoking, thinking all the time how I’m ruining my own body.

To those who are trying to quit, just prepare yourself mentally, I told myself I’m going to quit for a whole year, almost everyday, then i managed to do it.

Good luck!


Body Under Maintenance, Week Four! What A Shame!

If week three passed with working out only the legs, week four passed by without any extra workouts.

During week four i was horribly tired, and I started having a stabbing pain in my chest, armpits, under armpits, and upper back. It was stinging and burning, I really don’t know what that is and doctors weren’t sure. The pain went down to my lower ribs, it was so annoying, it did affect the power in my arms, I felt week in my elbows. And that had its negative effect on my classes!

So week four passed without extra training! Let’s see how week five goes!


2014 In Review!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Milky Chance – Song ohne Namen (feat. Paulina)