Body Under Maintenance, Week Six! With The Beast!

The Best Adel, My Gym Patner
The Best Adel, My Gym Patner

So the snow was still there, but I got fed up and decided to go to the gym and I was surprised to see many people there! During this time I got to see one of the guys ,who work at the gym, not as a fitness instructor, no, but works there, working out, and I honestly liked the way he does things, so I asked him if we can start training together, because to be honest, Bob is usually very busy and I didn’t wanna pressure him more, I felt like a burden to Bob, and his free times don’t always fit with mine, so the new guy, agreed!

Working out with the best had been fun during week six, and I liked the way he pushes me to carry more weights, keeping in mind I’m generally small in size, so he pushes me almost to failure. Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to “Adel”! lol

My Training, Week Six



  • Lat Pull Down “Machine”
  • Seated Row “Machine”
  • One Arm Row “Dumbbell”
  • Back Extension


  • Biceps Curl “Cable”
  • Biceps Hammer “Dumbbells”

DAY TWO “Chest & triceps”


  • Chest Press “Bar”
  • Declined Chess Press “Bar”
  • Incline Chest Fly “Dumbbells”
  • Cable Cross
  • Cable Fly


  • Push Down “Cable”
  • Over Head Extension “EZ Bar”
  • One Arm Cable


  • Carrying more weights
  • Feeling Stronger
  • Body Pump Usual Weights Feel Lighter
  • It’s Winter, No Dieting, I’m Gaining Weight!

See you next week!

Don’t Quit It Just Yet!