Body Under Maintenance, Week Seven, Life Is Good But Sore!

Chest & Triceps Day

This week seemed a little bit longer than usual, classes, weight lifting, learning new Les Mills releases.

But regardless of the feel of the time, I tried my best in week seven to workout and do all I can regarding increasing weights, and again the motivation comes from the “Beast” and his help and support means a lot to me, because he makes me discover that I simply can!

My Training, Week Seven

DAY ONE “Shoulders & Biceps”


  • Seated Hydraulic Bar Shoulder Press
  • Over Head Press “Dumbbells”
  • Front Raise Alternative “Dumbbells”
  • One Arm Fly “Dumbbells”
  • Shrugs “Hammer Machine”


  • EZ Bar Concentration Curls
  • Bicep Curls Alternative “Dumbbells”
  • One Arm Concentration Curls “Dumbbells”

DAY Two “Chest & triceps”


  • Chest Press “Bar”
  • Incline Chest Press “Bar”
  • Decline Chest Press ‘Bar”
  • Chest Fly “Dumbbells”
  • Chest Cable Fly


  • Push-down Rope
  • Extension “Bar”
  • One Arm Cable Row

DAY Three “back”

  • Lat Pull Down
  • Seated Row
  • T-Bar Row
  • High Pull Cable
  • One Arm Row
  • Back Extension
  • Pull Over “Dumbbells”


  • Carrying more weights
  • Feeling Stronger
  • Sore Muscles All Week Long
  • No Time To Workout The Legs

See you next week, again with the “Beast” 🙂


Thanks "Beast" for the nice pictures!

Thanks “Beast” for the nice pictures!


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