Body Under Maintenance, Week Ten,Body Under Stress, Insomnia!

Making fun of him while suffering!

I have actually been insomniac since a very long time, over a year now, but this week has been the worse so far.

As I said before I have decided to do extra workout for some reasons, and one of them is to die during the day to sleep during the night, but so far I’m not really solving my problem!

My Training, Week Ten

DAY ONE “Back”

  • Lat Pull Down
  • T-Bar Row
  • Cable Cross Fly ‘Kinesis Machine”
  • Dead Row “Bar”
  • Lay Pull Over “Dumbbells”
  • Dead Lifts “Bar”



  • Shoulder Press “Hammer Machine”
  • Rare Deltoid “Cable”
  • Two Arms Fly “Dumbbells”
  • One Arm T Bar Shoulder Press
  • Up Right Row “Cable”


  • Biceps Curl “Cable”
  • Incline Bicep Curl “Dumbbells”
  • Larry Scott D “Dumbbells”

DAY Three “chest & Triceps”


  • Incline Bench Press
  • Hammer Chest Press
  • Bench Press “Hydraulic Bar”
  • Chest Cable Cross
  • Decline Bench Press


  • Push Down “Cable”
  • One Arm Reverse Triceps “Cable”
  • One Arm Laying Over Head Extension


  • I’m Lifting More Weights, and Getting Less Help In Some Exercises!


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