10 reasons you can’t work out, even at the gym!

I see people at the gym everyday, but that doesn’t yet mean that they are there to do what they came for. And I know some people who’d rather work out alone, or have no time to work out at the gym, so they prefer to work out at home. But still many people, most of the time go to work out, but they simply can’t keep up with it.

There are a few obvious reasons why this happens!

#1. Mobile Phones:

If you keep your phone around you at the gym, you won’t work out, or at least, you won’t work out properly. Simply because instead of holding objects like dumbbells and cables, you are keeping your hands busy with your phone, which will slow you down and keep you distracted.

#2. Gym Friends & Workout Buddies:

Sometimes we are lucky to find these people who want to actually work out and don’t waste time during the workout. And sometimes we are even luckier to find those who are always motivated to work out and just want to do it.

But most of the time, we fall into that trap of wanting to work out with people who are not willing to work out, but they simply don’t know about it. They might joins us once or twice and later on they will find so many excuses in order not to get going.

If you sign up at any gym or decide to follow a certain workout plan, make sure you visualize doing it by yourself and all alone before you hook yourself with anyone.

#3. Being Tired, Worn Out, Not In The Mood & The Lack Of Motivation:

Well this happens to all of us, most of the time, and it’s completely normal and natural. But once you feel tired, don’t make it look like you are tired forever, and not in the mood till the end of the days. We all need a break, but for us to keep being active, the break should be short and reasonable.

Motivation plays a big role in whether or nor we are working out. There are so many ways to motivate yourselves; taking pictures of your own body, looking for good gym or work out buddies, hiring a good personal trainer, downloading awesome songs that you like to hear while working out, trying different workout routines, changing gyms or work out locations, buying new training gear, following a certain fit public figure or fitness model, etc.

#4. Not Knowing What To Do & Where To Start:

If you never did any sports during your young days, you certainly won’t know what to do later on as an adult. This is why it’s very recommended to hire a personal trainer, who’s job is to plan your workout and explain to you what to do step by step, and also show you the right way to do things.

You don’t have to hire someone forever, because, for many of us, this is an expensive matter. But once you feel comfortable doing it by yourself, please feel free to go on alone, you don’t have to keep renewing your contract with your personal trainer.

#5. Being Someone’s Biggest Fan:

This trap is foxy, and loads of people fall into it.

You work out for your own sake, don’t attach your workout with certain people, like some group exercise instructor, or some personal trainer, or even some other member. All these people change jobs and gyms, they won’t last there for you forever, and fooling yourself by thinking this person motivates me the most, and this person lifts my mood up the biggest deal won’t do you any good once this person is on a long vacation, or injured or moved location.

Sometimes you find that person you wanna be a fan of, and later have a personal clash with them and hate the whole idea of working out.

#6. Not Seeing Results:

Not seeing results is a big frustration, but it doesn’t mean to stop the workout.

Sometimes we simply need to change our way of doing things, change methods and plans. Some workouts work for some of us and some don’t. Some people need to worry about their food more than their workout, and some need to lift more weights than others, and some need to do real excessive cardio more than others. There is no such a thing like one workout plan for everyone. You need to find the ultimate workout and perfect meal plan that suits you.

And yes all that takes time, getting to know your body is not an easy simple thing! Just take your time and be smart and wise listening to what your body tells you.

#7. Seeing Results:

That’s another dangerous trap! Have you ever met at your gym “The Member Of The Month” or met someone who showed you their “Before & After Pictures”? These probably are the people who are going to stop working out, because they think that’s it! They have reached their goals! And they keep admiring their pictures and forget the fact that without continuing their hard work they are going to gain that extra weight again, or they are gonna still look soft and saggy after losing so much weight. Looking lean and good is still another hard work to do.

Don’t fall into the trap of “Oh I finally am losing weight” Or “Oh, look! I’m starting to see my ABS”! Keep going, because you are not there yet, probably!

#8. Socializing Is Your Priority:

You won’t work out if your major goal at the gym or fitness center is to socialize. I see many people sitting here and there at the gym talking, sharing pictures and videos and talking about random things.

Remember one thing, the gym is taking your money whether you reached your goals or not, or whether you used their facilities or not. I suggest for those of you who like to socialize to find other ways and places to hangout at, that are cheaper and actually more fun.

And it’s very funny to hear this type of people complaining that they are not losing weight!

#9. Being The Gym’s Judge & Social Adviser:

Yes as you heard! Some people come to the gym to be Dr. Phil, to solve problems,  judge people, criticize how people do their jobs,  observe other people’s progress, or even call others names.

This is pretty sad and pathetic, because as a gym member why should you care who’s friends with whom, and which employee kisses ass for which boss? Or which member lost weight, and who gained muscle mass? Gym members, unless in their past lives had done what instructors, managers, receptionists and sales reps do, can’t evaluate these people’s jobs, and one is entitled to criticize others. So maybe everyone should just do what they are supposed to do and leave?

#10. Lack Of Time:

Life is too busy and stressful, some people have to work 10 hours a day still, and many work and have families to worry about. Not working out in this case if very reasonable, but it’s not an excuse.

You still can find a quality workout routine that takes 30 minutes of your time. There are many studies that say: 30 minutes workout can be perfect if done properly and the right way!



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