On The Third Palestinian Intifada

When the first Intifada started in Palestine, late 80s to early 90s, I was myself a child, I saw these guys who were around teenage ans early 20s fighting and dying as men because of the age difference

But when the second Intifada started, during the early 2000s, I was myself a hot-blooded teenager, with all the patriotism and enthusiasm, not understanding yet the size of the sacrifices done over there, I saw these guys as my peers..

If what’s going on now is the third Intifada, which is 15 years later and I’m in my 30s already, I’m not capable of understanding how an 18 years old, younger or older, have the courage to face firearms and armed trucks, naked with some stones or knives, and put their whole lives on their sleeves, not just their hearts and their families hearts, they are in my eyes now on the screens just young teenagers.

And all one can feel is a lot of pride, mixed with a lot of shame and discomfort…

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