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BODYPUMP™ 94, Education!

BODYPUMP™ 94, One Of The Most Fortunate Releases!

Let’s go over this release together, track by track!!

  • Track 1, Warm Up (Heroes (We Could Be))

Everyone can notice how the warm up tracks became easy to remember, I’m happy about that, because we have a lot to memorize! But I hope our members won’t get bored with easy choreography!

The presentation of the track is very clear & the warm up itself is okay,the power presses warm us up, including the focus on the squats and the lunges.

I’m not sure why we stopped having bicep curls during the warm ups, I know the biceps are small muscles, but we still need to present the muscle group or prepare the arms for the workout ahead.

  • Track 2, Squats (Everybody Go!)

That’s probably my favorite track in the whole release! The music and the sound effects in the track, the intensity of the track & the presentation of the track in the original DVD is amazing, Dave Kyle is absolutely motivational & full of energy. I like the fact that most of the time Squats tracks are massive & offer a great deal of challenge, it’s also very important to notice that they are always varied and cool!

  • Track 3, Chest (Burnin’ Up)

The bottom half pulses create enough pressure to work the chest greatly! I like the variety of the track between chest presses & push ups that can be pulsed for more intensity and more challenge. This track is quite tough, especially for people with neck or shoulder injuries, I personally suffer when I teach this one, due to a herniated disc in my neck, but I still enjoy it a lot!

Since I’ve met Kylie Gates, a little bit later, during OneLive Chicago, I’m telling you, this lady is very strong and tough, I love her presentations all the way, she is very humble, friendly & very energetic on the stage!

  • Track 4, Back (Today (Scooter Remix))

The power presses here are killers, in case of using heavy weights, relatively heavy, this track will make you sweat for real! I enjoy this one a lot, I like the music, I like the elevation of it.

The fact that there is enough time to increase the weights allows is to learn to lift heavier than always. I suggest you try the track for a few times without increasing the weight, and then later start increasing bit by bit, it will increase your power and stamina!

  • Track 5, Triceps (Lips Are Movin)

This one starts with dips, which I really like, especially the different tempos & the pulses. Notice the quick transitions in the track, you gotta be quick enough to catch up with the next exercise!

The kick backs are intense enough, you can start with smaller weights until the triples and change your plate to heavier one. You can also start hard and finish easy with the triples.

The seated over heads are cool, again the different tempos and pulses make the difference.

I’m not quite sure if everyone liked the music here, but I think personally that it’s catchy, which is quite up lifting!

  • Track 6, Biceps (Get ‘Em Up)

I love this track, the music, the staggers, the pulses, the presentation & the presentation are all prefect. There’s a lot of room to explain things, to motivate members & to create a cool atmosphere during the class!

You gotta try this one to actually enjoy it!

  • Track 7, Lunges (We Make It Bounce)

Although the first option given is 1 plate, so no bars to carry, it seems easier than it is actually. This track is hard enough, especially for people who don’t usually attend a BODYPUMP™ class. I would advice fresh starters to go body weight!

I like the tempos in here, the music is cool as well. But honestly my criticism will go towards the presentation, it could have been much better, I wasn’t impressed by the presentation by Claudio Falletta! Sometimes I could lose focus on the track & get distracted.

  • Track 8, Shoulders (This Is How It Goes)

The push ups combo is absolutely cool! This track is going to kill your shoulders! It seriously could seem too much to handle all at once in the first couple or few times. I suggest starting easy on the weights, and on knees during preforming the push ups!

Let’s talk about the music, this one is one of the strongest tracks musically! I love it!

Enjoy every single track & every single workout!

Katia 🙂

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