The Kingdom Of All Kingdoms, You & My Coins “Episode 16″

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

Queen Zoya visits her Kingdoms frequently, and doesn’t like half of what she sees down there! This time she noticed how the “Citizens” disrespect each others money and properties all the time.

She noticed how “Citizens” borrow money from each other, and when it comes to paying back they feel like giving something precious they own away, which shouldn’t be the case, because it isn’t theirs in the first place. So they start delaying, and finding excuses in order not to pay back, or the find ways to pay in installments, while they received the money at once.

Or when they borrow things from each other, they misuse, misplace and abuse them, unlike if they were theirs. They rarely care for what they don’t own, and they don’t put themselves in each other’s shoes.

They don’t have to borrow things to misuse them, they might misuse things they see and encounter in public areas, even things like trees and plantations.

Queen Zoya didn’t like that at all, she even got pissed off, and punished everyone she met, who misbehaved that way, by damaging their own belongings and turning their golden coins into bronze coins in front of their eyes, for them to know the reason behind her action, thinking they don’t deserve to own things and be in charge for things!

The Kingdom Of All Kingdoms, The Good & The Bad “Episode 15”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

Zoya the Queen isn’t always serious, serious can be lame! She decided to take a ride on her immortal horse in the “Under-World” in order to amuse herself.

“Citizens” were here and there; working, playing, studying, sleeping, eating, cooking, reading, watching TV, arguing, etc. The “Under-World” was busy, full of “citizens”, it was quiet loud compared to the “Upper-World”, and crowded as well. She decided not to pay attention to those who were busy working, because for her, while she was looking for entertainment, they didn’t look interesting, in the contrary, the looked boring and all serious.

But there’s something interesting that was happening over there, most of the “citizens” were busy arguing with one another. She decided to listen to their arguments and see if they argue about anything that can be interesting. For her own amazement, the majority of them were arguing, even the horse noticed that.

She was astonished by how “citizens” judge each other, so if someone does something good to someone then they are considered good, they praise each other, whether that was face to face, or in each other’s backs. But once someone does something, not necessarily bad, but isn’t acceptable by the other, they are judged as bad immediately, and “citizens” find so many ways to ruin each other’s reputation, find ways to scold and hate each other, and castigation becomes so easy to do. Not only that, but they also become creative in disrespecting each other, and allow themselves to let others see that “citizen” as evil as bad as they seem them themselves. Almost everyone was like that, friends, couples, colleagues, mates, even family members.

And funny how if that disregarded “citizen” does good again, all the bad words said about them are to be forgotten, and that “citizen” becomes good again, no matter how far they went in showing their bad side, once they do good, they are fabulous again, they are magnificent again, they are the greatest again!

And no matter what, everyone followed the opinion of the emotional “citizen”, who cried and screamed and shouted bad words and judgments, and once that “citizen” smiles, they forget everything and listen to the new positive judgments and thoughts, and they believe either way, like their opinion didn’t count or mattered.

The Queen, understanding how emotional “citizens” could be, didn’t understand how illogical they could be at the same time.

The Queen goes back to her  Throne, laughing and weeping at the same time over her own “citizens”, knowing they were never going to change.

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Genocide Child “Episode 14”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

There was lots of blood, smoke, ashes, dead bodies, destroyed buildings and horror all over that piece of land in the “Under-World”. Queen Zoya saw that from the “Upper-World” and felt really sad, lots of “citizens” get killed every minute. Genocide is an act of evil, she thought. There was no place for them to hide in or run to, there was no way to save a life.

Although such killing doesn’t differentiate between old and young, Queen Zoya couldn’t stop looking at children’s corpses and scattered limbs and heads, as if they were nothing else than those. But there was something she never saw before, she couldn’t understand it while looking at it from the “Upper-World”, and so she decided to travel to the “Under-World” to see and maybe understand it, she saw white light filling the corners of the streets and in front of the doors of houses, and near each and every grave, that piece of land had no electricity  and no water after all the bombings.

 She hurried to see the white lights, she was surprised when she couldn’t see the white light no more, she walked around for a while hoping to find it, she passed by dead bodies, passed by destroyed houses, crying children and women, passed by unarmed fighters, walked through graveyards, but saw nothing. She decided to find a place to sit, wait and observe. The place smelled of fear and warm blood, she could sense the shivers of each “citizen” there.

As soon as it got dark, she started seeing small white lights moving around and around, restlessly they moved as if they were lost and confused. She went chasing after these lights, and as soon as she came near one, she saw a child surrounded by white light but full of blood, wearing torn cloths and no shoes on, carrying a doll in one hand, while the other hand is not there; was cut off, or taken away in brutality, the child looked restless, too uncomfortable, her eyes were lost in the dark but searching for something.

“What are you looking for?”, Zoya asked the child. The child only then saw the Queen, not knowing who she was, she turned hallow eyes towards her “I’m looking for my mother and my little brother, I saw them here last night, I shall wait, they will come back.” The child answered fearlessly, painlessly, but restlessly.

They sat and waited, many white lights started gathering and gathering, there were plenty of them, plenty of children surrounded by that light, they knew each other as they met, they hugged and cried, and told each other their stories of how they got killed and how they lost their body parts. Some carried body parts of others, and gave them back as soon as they found to whom they belonged. They carried toys, dolls, and babies. They kept keys of their houses, maybe to come back one day, and pictures of their loved ones, who still didn’t join them,  in order not to forget them.

The Queen then asked the children what they were going to do till then, but the children didn’t know. She then asked them to find those who killed them to taunt and haunt them till they die out of fear and panic, tell they go down on their knees and cry asking for forgiveness. The children’s smiles then brightened up, and they all agreed to fly and find those who robbed them their lives,childhood, happiness, families and houses. They agreed not to give up and promised not to forgive those who could kill cold bloodedly, and promised to come back each night to the graveyards to meet their loved ones and find them waiting for them there in the peaceful dark nights.

“A genuine sad dedication for our beautiful children in Gaza”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Zoya & The Sea “Episode 13”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

Have you ever owned a sea?

Before Zoya moved to the “Upper-World” she was travelling around the “Under-World”, discovering it, looking for something to learn.

That journey led her to a sea which was too salty that not a living soul can live inside it. That sea was always calm during the day, very mid waves would touch the shores and withdraw right away, its water was too thick and felt like oil, and as soon as the sunset starts, the waves grew bigger and bigger, till they grew mad at night.

She spent the whole day sitting on the shore, looking at the sea, and how “citizens” bathed in it, she noticed how they didn’t actually swim but just floated oddly in it. And heard and saw many kids crying and complaining that the water burned their skin and made it itchy. Later when the sunset approached the skies, the waves became bigger and wider, they made noises and hit the shores with more aggression. She still sat and watched people getting out of it with their hands on their teary eyes, as the waves didn’t bother there were “citizens” bathing and relaxing, and splashed salty water into their eyes. These “citizens” tried to reach the shore with their eyes closed hoping for someone to bring normal water to wash their faces with, they’d stumble and fall many times before they arrived to a safe point. Zoya enjoyed the scene, but wasn’t sure she wanted to be a victim of this weird sea.

The night approached sooner than she expected it, and the place was suddenly dark and people vanished behind the darkness, everything was quiet except for the waves that were racing to hit the rocks on the shore. Zoya felt herself all alone and isolated. But she didn’t feel scared, because she had her horse standing right next to her. She stood up, patting the horse’s forehead asking him how did he find this place, and of course the horse doesn’t talk but she could read his mind as good as he could. He told her that he liked it there, and that he was glad “citizens” wee all gone, and that they both now can try and get into that water. “But it’s dark, doesn’t that scare you?” Zoya asked. “No, darkness doesn’t scare a horse like me, let’s go!” he encouraged her, “But dear, we don’t see how big the waves are, we don’t see the stones inside the water, I don’t wanna stumble and fall in such salty water, we can’t waste the water that we have to wash.” But the horse started marching towards the water and big waves started crashing against his forelegs, and bigger waves came to hit his chest, he stepped back, “Zoya! This wants to kill me!”, “Yeah sure! I told you, let’s wait for the morning, then we can bath like everyone else did.”

But the horse was curious to know what would happen if Zoya went into the water, and so he insisted that she tries, “Come on Zoya, let’s see what happens if you go alone.”, “Same as happened to you!”, “No way, I feel something else is going to happen.”, “Yeah, maybe it will kill me, that would be something different.”, “No, no! It won’t kill you! come on, just try, if you felt uncomfortable then leave, just like I did”

Zoya got up and walked carefully towards the sea, she could hear the waves coming and going, and she could sense the power in them. Funny how the breeze coming from the sea was warm. The moment she stepped one foot into that water, the water turned still, she wasn’t sure if her foot was inside the water because it was warm too. She stepped in and walked into the water, while the horse walked and waited at the edge of the shore. No more waves, Zoya then touched the water with her hands and felt it heavy like oil, she rubbed it on her arms before she decided to let go and sit and try to float like everyone did earlier that day. She felt the water carrying her gently, very gently, she felt herself weightless. She tried to stand in the water, and it worked as if she was standing on some ground but there was nothing but water surrounding her, she called out for her horse to join her, but as soon as the horse stepped a foot in, the waves started crashing on his legs, Zoya then went back to her horse, climbed him to lead him, and as they  walked in together the water behaved, everything was quiet. Zoya Jumped of his back, stood in the water and they both walked together deeper into the sea. The horse then thought “I was right!” and Zoya smiled at his thought, not quite sure what to think.

Zoya felt so comfortable and thought this sea won’t hurt her no matter what, there is a reason why she came, and she knew she would discover it soon. They bathed and enjoyed, later washed and slept till the morning splashed some gold on the surface of the sea.

And again “citizens” came, swam and bathed, sat down and enjoyed the morning sun, everything was just right. The time passed quickly, till the sunset time arrived, and the waves grew bigger and harsher, attacking “citizens” and making them feel uncomfortable. One could hear the cry of children and the anger of men. Zoya then stood up walked into the sea, the waves didn’t stop then, but every time a waves was going to hit her it suddenly died just right in front of her body, Zoya then went deeper, stood in the water facing the waves, but every wave died just there. Zoya was frustrated, because there is nothing fun about that. She screamed then: Let me have some fun!! The waves then came back, very big, but very gentle, carrying Zoya over them, she felt her body going up on a waves then down after the wave was gone. She spent enough time playing with the waves, and not a single salty drop of water rested on her face or got into her eyes. She then turned around to ask her horse to join when she saw a big crowd of “citizens” watching her in silence. She felt somehow uncomfortable. And so she decided to go back to her horse, where she felt safer.

As she was walking outside the water, she herself was surprised that she didn’t stumble nor fell, and as soon as she reached the shore, a woman came to her and asked her “Do you own the sea?”, Zoya then didn’t know what how to reply. And another man came wondering “Does the sea belong to you?” She again didn’t know what to say, but she turned around looking at the sea, she smiled to the sea, and as soon as she did, water came out of it flying in the air like fountains on its surface in shapes of circles and squares and crossed lines.  Everyone then understood that The Crazy Salty Sea belonged to this girl who’s a stranger to everyone around.

When Queen Zoya settled down in the “Upper-World” She asked King David to bring her her Crazy Salty Sea, saying: Nothing made me feel any happier than the Sea.

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, The Immortal Child “Episode 12″

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

I promised before to tell you how Zoya, the Queen, turned from a mortal “citizen” into an immortal Queen, and so here is the charming story.

Long time ago, when knowledge wasn’t accessible to everyone, either because there was no path to it, or it was too important that it was kept hidden away from the common, Zoya was born and brought into this world, to a family that was, of course, just a common.

As soon as she started talking, which she did very early, her parents knew that she was different, special and enlightened in a way they couldn’t understand. She told her mother for how she remembers very well watching her when she was still in her belly, and how she also felt her mother’s love and tried her best not to cause her any difficulties during her pregnancy.

Bit by bit as Zoya started growing she started writing poems, although no one taught her to write or read, and she started painting too. She in her arts referred to things no one around her knew before her. Not only that though, she was also being able to tell the history of a person just by looking into their eyes, she knew everyone’s life, sorrow, happiness and secrets. “Citizens” from all around the “Remote Kingdoms” came to meet this girl and see this prodigy, to listen to her poems, to gaze at her paintings and got lost in them, and to test her abilities of narrating their pasts. Zoya got a bit older, and discovered her love to music and singing, she composed her own, and played on different available instruments, music that spoke to everyone’s soul.

Her parents understood her powers, and that she was unique in every aspect, but they didn’t know what to do with that child. She, as they heard, was the one and only with such maddening talents. They were happy and blessed to have such a child, however they were worried and didn’t know how to protect her. Nevertheless, Zoya didn’t need any protection, she knew and sensed where danger laid and avoided it.

Zoya grew into a smart, fearless, wise yet vivid and vigorous adult. She, everywhere she went, shined like a star. “Citizens” spotted her unintentionally, she was like a magnet. Those who didn’t know anything about her, didn’t actually understand their indiscriminate attraction to her. The moment their eyes met with hers they couldn’t stop staring, they felt they were looking for something like an answer, a clue, or an infinite treasure that was going to change their lives. Only she could stop those eyes from devouring hers, by one single blink, all that magnetic attraction would vanish.

Although Zoya lived for a while the life that she wanted, she wasn’t later satisfied. She wanted to know more and to learn more. She wanted to be wiser, calmer and more tranquil. She wanted the world to be a better place, she wanted to make it a happy place, but she didn’t know how, for it was full of troubles, poverty, wars and tragedies. Despite this she decided to travel around the “Remote Kingdoms” and find the answers to her questions. She traveled for a long time, sometimes she even lost the sense of time. She saw lots of new things and met many “citizens”, she expanded her horizons and decided her favorite places. She worked in random places for random “citizens” to earn some pennies to keep herself alive and sheltered. She served in a barn that belonged to a rich “citizen”, who owned mansions and huge farms. Since then she knew her love to horses can never die. She took care of a horse, that she felt was reflecting her personality and thinking, even though this animal didn’t talk, it could read her mind as clearly as she could read its. The owner noticed her attachment to the horse and as she wanted to travel further, he gave her that horse as a gift for her dedication and hard work. She continued her journey, knowing she still didn’t accomplish her mission, not knowing exactly what her mission was. She wanted to see and know everything. She knew later that knowledge was infinite.

One night she woke up thrilled by the terrified neighing of her horse, she didn’t get the chance to calm it down when she saw a shadow of a man riding another horse. That figure of his was bigger than any other “citizen”, and the shadow of the horse was huge too. Fear took over her and she couldn’t think nor react, she suddenly froze, and that ice inside her soul became rapidly contagious, everything froze; the horse, the breeze, the greens and every living soul. Time stopped along with her heart. Zoya was still being able to see and hear, and she knew she wasn’t dead yet. As soon as the man put his hand on hers, In a single second, she saw her whole life passing by in front of her eyes, she had seen it all, but the end wasn’t given to her. Then suddenly an enormous feeling of explosion happened inside her and inside everything, around her and around everything, but it was mute, so mute that no one can understand it, it was like an explosion of rocks caused by the powerful pressure of water trying to furiously climb into the surface, but the only difference was the silence it held in it. Life returned to her as soon as she respired and her horse stomped with one of his legs against the ground.

That man is King David, who back then was “The Prince of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms”. Nobody knew there was such a Kingdom, because no one saw it or heard about it. It was beyond their reach, too far, too big and too serene to be spotted. The Prince spoke to her without saying words, and told her how everyone in “The Kingdom of All Kingdoms” longed to meet her even before she was born. He told her that they had to wait for the right time to meet her, and how they watched her every day and night, protected her and provided her with everything she needed to be ready and to be as wise as she should have been. Zoya seemed very confused, she couldn’t understand what exactly she had to conclude, but since he read her mind, he knew he had to explain.

She could hear his voice, although he was silent,”Dear Zoya, you are not to stay here, you don’t belong to this place. You are one of a kind. Everyone in “The Kingdom of All Kingdoms” has been waiting for you, including myself. Your time is not now, not here.”, she didn’t understand and questioned it in her mind, “Then where, and why if I was born here, on this earth?”, He was going to explain further, looking deeply in her eyes, when he suddenly felt a burning sensation inside him, he never felt that way, and didn’t realize it as quickly as he should have, his thoughts and ideas vanished, she realized immediately what happened and fast enough she blinked to relief him for the magnetic attraction that everyone else couldn’t explain or handle. He felt suddenly released, and wondered demanding himself for an answer but he couldn’t find it, and decided to continue explaining to her who she was and where she was supposed to be. “Your royalty, you are an “Indigo Child”. All the other indigo children are not to be here yet, and they are all still reserved for when the time is right. I know you don’t know what an indigo child is. You do sense and realize how different you are from everyone else, don’t you?”, she nodded agreeing, “You are the child of the future, you’re a different kind; the one the world will need later, when life is harder and faster, and quickly developed and changed. Your kind will bring enlightenment to the world you know. But to keep you here means to lose you, you are mortal, “The Kingdom of All Kingdoms” can’t let this happen. Your life matters to everyone out there, We found only one indigo child, which is you”.

Zoya then unwillingly stared in his eyes, as deep as thoughtful as it was possible for her then, not realizing what this man was saying, not being able to relate. And he fell again a victim of that burning sensation. When it happened the second time she managed to stop it too, but a bit slower than the first, he knew that was not a feeling that anyone in “The Kingdom of All Kingdoms” was supposed to feel, he knew they were not supposed to feel anything, but he and for the first time felt, felt something he didn’t know, until later.

She had to suffer for a short while to lose her mortal heart and soul and hold ones that are immortal. It was painful, it was cruel, yet it happened too fast. The Prince knew that he had to remove all her feelings too, because feelings don’t matter in the “Upper World”, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get them out of her, she suffered even more, the harder he tried the worse it was for her. He soon knew that he was going to lose that battle, and as soon as he realized it he screamed with agony, he felt pain, something he never felt before. He let go of her feelings, he felt he was going to commit a horrible crime that is unforgivable to him if he just destroyed her feelings. Zoya since then became immortal, an undying indigo child that is supposed to do something to the “Under-world” later on. He turned her horse into an immortal huge horse, explaining to her “That it is actually an indigo animal, the one and only found as well. We have to take it with us, it will be always yours, your royalty, you are a princess now, and you should have a noble horse like this one.”.

They had to travel to the “Upper world”, and on the way there he told her about the burning sensation, and how he didn’t know what it was. “Have you never loved anyone in your life?” She was surprised by her own question. “Loved? No, we don’t love” he explained, “But what you felt was love!”, He kept his thoughts to himself, not willing to even think about feelings, but then he remembered the agony he felt, and asked her about it too, “I felt I was a demon when I was in the processes of making you immortal, I felt I couldn’t look at you between my arms while you were suffering. What was that, is that love too?”, he hoped for a no, “That is love too, but this is more of regret and self torturing feeling, that is when one feels they can’t forgive themselves for something bad they’ve done. That’s your good side feeling sorry for others who are suffering.”

The Prince then knew that he not only found the one and only indigo child, but also knew that he fell in love for the first and the last time, with someone who’s emotions were supposed to be erased, with someone whom he was supposed to free from emotions, instead this someone has given him treasures, feelings he can only feel while he’s with her. She changed his life for good.

Click here to Listen To The Indigo Children’s Song

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Shifting Glory “Episode 11”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

How immortal “citizens” are?

Queen Zoya, never forgets that one day she was mortal. Sitting on the edge of the moon with King David, watching together the world down there, as she started day-dreaming, and he, while watching her, secretly admiring her immortal beauty, looked through the under-world.

Some “citizens” reached glory already, and some are on their way, and others, yes others, don’t know anything about glory. Glory of achievements, of knowledge, of fame, or of wealth, since it comes in so many ways.

It pretty much amused the King that the cycle of “citizens” glory is pretty short, unlike his; his glory is just like him, immortal and made to last till there’s no end. As the King spotted an interesting glory cycle happening he put his hand on the Queen’s shoulder, so gently he did in order not to suddenly disturb her. The moment she opened her eyes, he looked into them and smiled, that immortal smile, that lasts printed in her memory forever. He pointed with his finger towards that interesting cycle of that “citizen” who works hard to reach glory, no matter how big or small the “citizen’s” dream was, it was still interesting to watch. That “citizen” was growing relatively fast, breaking barriers to his dreams. It takes of course the “citizens” a matter of years to achieve certain things, but for the upper-world time has a different value. A few years time is a matter of a day or two up there. They both watched quietly admiring the efforts that “citizen” puts into his target, valuing each step and each favor given to him, each hardship he tries to take easily, wisely and patiently. His royalty King David, whispered in the Queen’s ear “Isn’t that impressive?”, she in return nodded, on her mind agreeing on how this “citizen” doesn’t fall no matter how things and other “citizens” try to break him. At the bottom of the road to glory he went steady, and as he was approaching the climax of his glory, things started happening rapidly, too fast, he had no time to think or decide, reaching that glory of his happened too quickly he couldn’t even realize it, but by the time he did he collapsed.

Zoya shook her head side to side feeling sorry for the “citizen” who couldn’t even last till that moment to enjoy a glimpse of his dream coming true. But the King patted her shoulder, even gentler than his whisper, assuring her such living souls like that glorious “citizen” continue to fight for their dreams.

At the same time, someone down there got immediately inspired by that “citizen”, let’s call him the “glorious citizen”, and unconsciously followed his steps trying to reach his dream too. No matter how different the methods he chose to use, he still followed the same steps. “Would he reach glory”, the Queen thought silently. And the King laughed, sarcastically laughed! Zoya looked at him surprised, and he knew he got to justify it for her.

“My dearest, my Queen, look at them, they fight for things they know aren’t theirs. They want to last forever through their dreams and glories. But my dearest, don’t you just believe me when I say that their glory is some sort of energy, it’s not contagious, and so it’s not going to spread around, it only shifts and changes its direction, from one “citizen” to another, like any other type of energy down there. One time it’s for this “citizen” another time it’s for another.”, the Queen knew the King was right, he was never mistaken, and didn’t expect him to sympathize with them, since she knows as well that only she in the upper-world has feelings for the world down there.

“Then how can they make glory theirs and lasting?”, the Queen then wondered.

“There’s only one way my Queen”, the King said looking thoroughly into all his Kingdoms.

“What is that one and only way?”, she asked, not sure about the answer.

“The one and only way, my dearest, is if they knew and believed that there is another immortal life waiting for them somewhere else. When that belief grows deep and wild in them they will work harder on their own mental, psychological and spiritual glory, because these are the only things they take with them to their other immortal lives.”

“And everyone down there deserves the glory they reach?”, she curiously asked.

“Do you assume that everyone down there prefers the clean path? If the path they choose was full of dirt then how do they deserve any glory?”. He answered firmly.

The Queen then stared and stared at each and every single “citizen” down there, knowing sadly that not all of them know or have the key to immortal glory, for they were ignorant enough to find the right path.

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, The Tax of Luxury “Episode 10”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

No, the Queen hasn’t been just sitting over there doing nothing. She has been observing and observing. She’s pretty curious and furious too.

Zoya, the Queen, noticed something long long time ago when she was a citizen, she noticed the tax of luxury, and knew long ago that the tax is high.

Some “citizens” down there strive to have a luxurious life, in order to have everything. They work hard, days and nights, start businesses, make them grow, hiring people to work for them as well. Running round and round to see big numbers in their bank accounts. They want to have the fanciest cloths, the biggest houses, the latest technologies and the most expensive cars. They want to provide their children with the most “effective” education, and take their families on trips for the most amazing places on vacations.

They are ready for everything, good and bad, just to accomplish their materialistic goals and their social statuses. This can be good of course, but not all the time. Rich “citizens” don’t have to go through this pain, or spend all these efforts, simply because they were born and going to die this way, having everything. In the contrary, “citizens”, who want a high life, want it all, but she knew also since she was a “citizen” that no one can hold all the apples in one hand.

And so, she observed them from above, taking all the stress, making money, and thereafter they had so much to worry about, they had to pay a lot in return, bank credits, massive house holds, expensive educations, huge health insurances, cars and properties maintenance, income taxes, employees salaries, families’ financial requirements, every big and small, etc, and above all that they pay their health to reach the summits. But hey! Time… Time passes by quickly, and people age sooner than they think, and why? Because they have been too busy noticing it, too busy to enjoy their lives, too busy to get to know themselves and their loved ones. They have been working so hard to enjoy things later, instead of enjoying things now and today. And later may not come. The Queen didn’t need to imagine, but wished for them to imagine, if one of them was on a vacation to enjoy their times with their closest people, and their heads are messed up with work and stress, with digits and numbers, with responsibilities and worries, what would that vacation be like? If one worked their whole lives, and did everything to have everything and once they had it, which is always less than they wanted, and suddenly their lives were over, how sad would that be? They wouldn’t have the chance to enjoy the results of their efforts and time.

The Queen, although wanting to help the kingdoms, didn’t do anything this time to change reality. Knowing how greedy “citizens” can be, and how miserably they live and later die.

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Water VS Blood “Episode 9”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

Zoya the Queen has been for a while watching this boy in the under-world, he for now can’t walk, since he’s been injured in a car accident; broken legs and some ripped ligaments. And so the wheel chair has been a must till he recovers.

You may wonder what’s so special about this. I’d like to say the Queen felt for the boy, he’s been in pain, had to drop school, couldn’t run and play with the other boys and girls. He has been feeling horrible, frustrated and doubtful about his own future, because the doctors hope for the best but not assuring that it all is going to be alright. And as any other boy he had hopes and dreams, but frustrations and boredom got to him. But that’s not all, the boy has people to care for him, love him also supporting him. Which is good right? We all need genuine  people around,

But what triggered Zoya to watch the boy was the fact that the boy has siblings and relatives, and parents. He’s got a normal family, and everyone in that family thought they were an awesome family, with great bonds and truly connected to each other. But As soon as the boy sat in his wheel chair things showed themselves differently. Only a few cared, and some tried to and others never bothered, It did hurt the boy and others around who engaged themselves in his situation. So why didn’t the rest bother? Because they have been busy with their own lives, have been selfish, underestimated his medical condition. and have been striving to achieve their materialistic goals in life, not keeping in mind that priorities change and shuffle according to life events and circumstances.

It surprised the Queen to see how his friends, besides the family members who actually cared, have been showing more  concern than some family members.

The Queen thought it’s somehow wrong, and sickening. It’s not the way things should be like! And she decided to take action: they say blood is thicker than water! But life down there is kind of messed up and doesn’t always show that blood is thicker. Accordingly she mixed the blood with more water for some relatives, while she gave the friends who cared more blood than water, to keep the bond even stronger and tighter. Thinking if some don’t care then they don’t deserve the blood connection and all the sacred things related to it.

Katia 🙂

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Hypocrisy “Episode 8”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

Everybody hates hypocrisy, but many can’t live without it. This thought made the Queen sick in her stomach, felt like throwing up. Why “citizens” can’t get over this bullshit?

The Queen has a very good friend of hers in the “upper-world”, a friend to whom she likes to talk. By the “Royal River” they sat, enjoyed the view and the breath taking golden charm of the river and its surroundings.

The Queen told her friend, “Gaia”, that she doesn’t like the fact that the majority of the “citizens” are hypocrites and that they don’t have the courage to be natural, honest, blunt and be themselves with others. And although “Gaia” looks rigid with her rocky hips and shoulders, along with her sandy legs, she has the brightest hair, all in green, and the most beautiful waterish eyes, they are as blue as the bluest sea, and as deep as the deepest ocean, “Gaia” has always been wise, patient, very adapting, funny, but could still be very short tempered.

“My dear Queen, what do you expect? They have been always the same since the beginning of life on the “under-world”, and they will always be like this”, “Gaia” said throwing golden stones into the river.

“Yeah, you have known them better than me, longer than me, and I can see your point, But what if?” Zoya the Queen commented,

“What is what your majesty?” “Gaia” kept a stone in her hand waiting for the Queen to speak.

“Don’t get me wrong dear “Gaia”, you know how “citizen” are when they are drunk, high or under the effect of certain things? you know right?” She wondered.

“Of course I know! But what is your point your majesty?”

“My point, and don’t get me wrong again I repeat, if we got all these “citizens” drunk and high down there, don’t you think things will be different? I think they will have a chance to be more honest, they will treat each other openly, no theater drama and hypocrisy will be needed.”

“My Queen!! You do know that some of them become aggressive and dangerous when they are under the effect of alcohol and drugs, don’t you?”, “Gaia” showed concerns.

“Well of course I know, what If we just give them the right dosages? Not to over do,  that’s what I mean, I want to see them honest, just honest!”, she explained.

“Gaia” laughed, and thought it won’t be bad to experiment that, she loved watching “citizens”, their behaviors have been always a subject of curiosity to her, though “citizens” did and still ruining “Gaia”‘s health and pretty looks with all their industries, trashing and carelessness.

“Let’s do it and see”, “Gaia” whispered to the Queen, and so the day came when every single adult “citizen” was under the effect of some drug or alcohol, “Gaia” and the Queen sat there in that room where they can monitor and see the world down there, they were sitting there and laughing so hard at how human can look totally respectful at the same time very ridiculous when honest. It was totally funny to see how some “citizens” flipped against their work partner, bosses, life partners, friends, quit their jobs, started looking for other houses, decided to change expensive cars for cheaper cars, decided to stop buying expensive clothing and instead by something during the sale seasons or from the flee markets, many were honest enough to simply be themselves and do the things they enjoy, simply the things they enjoy, not just do things to get approved by others. Watching those “citizens” suddenly change and suddenly open up and start doing new things or quit doing old things, amazed both the Queen and “Gaia”. But that wasn’t enough for them, they took a look at social networks, and they both thought observing “citizens” and read their statuses and comments on social networks were completely different experiences.

Their statuses turned out to be shocking! Too honest they were! Telling each other they no longer wanna talk to each other, calling each other names, bragging about their honesty, feeling too powerful and strong, admitting being silly, idiots, dumb, scared, selfless, or even selfish in the past, opening up and expressing how sick they got of having to wear masks and pretend things they don’t feel.

And there were other good things too, like opening up to each other and expressing admiration and love towards each other, they weren’t scared that day to express their  good feelings. Which was pretty amusing to both the Queen and her good friend “Gaia”

And that’s how they spent some time together during the day, watching, monitoring, reading statuses and laughing. Although they both knew as soon as these “citizens” sober up everything will be back to what it used to be: HYPOCRISY, HYPOCRISY AND MORE HYPOCRISY!

Katia 🙂

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Architecture? “Episode 7”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

Zoya, The Queen of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, decided one day to take a quick trip to the “Under-world”, to see the beauty of cities’ architecture. She has always been fond of what “citizens” of all times created with their talents, smartness and needs.

She roamed around all the “remote kingdoms”, admiring some of what she saw. She enjoyed the Roman and the Greek architectures, and all the myths related to them. While the Islamic architecture has been always breathe taking to her, with all its illustrations. She always thought the Indian was full of thought, spirituality and beauty. And fascinated by  the Korean, Chinese and Japanese architectures, as they were full of royalty and deserved lots of respect. And liked to be there where the Mesoamerican architecture exists, because she liked to travel in time as well, to imagine or maybe try to remember what was there then.

She never liked the Medieval architecture, nor the life style back then, and for that she didn’t want to go and take a look, she never wanted to refresh her memories there. But she entertained herself a bit with the Gothic style.

The Queen liked what she thought was artistic, and so a bit more modern style was also something she wanted to see during her trip, so of course she paid some visits to cities that have the Baroque and the Classic styles.

She moved into modern architectural cities in her “remote kingdoms”, she preferred the Expressionist style rather than the International style. Some of the Critical Regionalism was good enough to impress her, but the Postmodern style wasn’t her favorite.

The Queen enjoyed her trip, although she didn’t understand how many, many cities didn’t have any style, any architecture and no taste at all; just random houses, buildings, silly concrete bridges, no monuments or landmarks to be mentioned. Besides that the style wasn’t all unified. And to her surprise this chaos and mess existed in kingdoms that once upon a time were glorious, those who had conquered the world once or twice in the past, those who were pioneers in science, arts and literature! She told the King as she returned to her Royal Palace in the “Upper-world” that “It is absolutely disgusting to walk or drive in such places, very lame and very unorganized, they don’t even pay attention to their cities’ structure, of course they won’t be able to unify the style”.

The Queen always like to spend her alone-time by the “Royal River”, up there, where it’s tranquil in a color of gold, and thought; if these “citizens” of our days right now or say a century back, couldn’t be smart enough themselves nor talented to create beautiful cities for themselves, they then could have simply copied some styles made by others in previous times, or parallel times. Copying doesn’t need any smartness, or creativity. All they needed to do, in her opinion, is to travel a bit around, see what they like, and do the same in their cities before damaging them with ridiculous concrete. She also thought; how can anyone abandon rivers and seas and establish major cities in the middle of nothing but sands and rocks! She really wondered; can stupidity be the reason why these “citizens” couldn’t even think of copying, or stealing, if you like to call it? But they are so good at stealing each other!

To her they could have used their robbery skills in some fancy architectural ways!