Zumba Demo, Power Hut End Of 2015 Fitness Show!

How To Be A Successful Fitness Instructor!

I won’t waste your time reading empty introductions, like most articles do to you!

So here are the steps you need to make in order to become a successful  fitness instructor (mainly group fitness) if you are living in a country like mine, Jordan!

Step 1 Forget Everything Before Step 1!

Forget everything you know and you’ve learned before this article. Because whatever you know and whatever you are  doing in order to be successful  is just a waste of time.

Step 2 Kiss Ass!

The time has come for you to kiss ass, if you don’t know how, you need to start learning. The easiest way to learn is by watching your colleagues kissing ass to the manager or anyone in charge for the schedule and hiring instructors.

If you already know how to kiss ass everything is good, maybe you just need to take it to the next level; which is licking ass. Go ahead! Don’t waste your time! Only ass kisser and lickers are on the top of the pyramid.

Kissing ass can be by roaming around the manager and compliment them, buy them gifts for a reason or without, act like you care when they are not feeling well, take their side when they are clashing with someone else, etc.

Step 3 Clown Around!

If you take yourself seriously and your job seriously, you are a serious lame asshole! You need to loosen up, be a clown, let people laugh at you, entertain the crowds, entertain the folks. Forget that you are there to make people fit, from now on you are there to entertain people, you are a new clown on some stage!

Step 4 Bluff, Bullshit & Lie!

Let’s say you are teaching a program like Zumba, since it’s the silliest form of fitness I can think of, don’t forget to bluff and bullshit people about how many calories they are going to burn in your class! Your goal is to attract people to come to your class, your target is to have a full class to have a full payment, right? Don’t forget to lie to them and tell them they are going to burn a thousand calorie today! In an hour! In just an hour!

Your integrity doesn’t mean anything to anyone, as long as you can believe your own lies then you are perfectly credible!

Step 5 Be Twisted!

Never ever be honest! Never ever be straight forward & never ever help others for the sake of helping them. You need to be twisted, that’s’ the only way people get it right! Never ever show your real you, no one is going to like that, no one is ever going to appreciate that and no one ever is going to let that happen. Be twisted, make deals under the table, cook stuff in the backyard, stab your colleagues in the back but never in the open nor in public!

Step 6 Be Real! Figure, Shape, Charisma, Fitness, Coaching and Technique Are Secondary!

Yes! Believe it or not! Your prefect technique, understandable coaching, pumped muscles, sexy flat abs, awesome gluts, shinning charisma and all that don’t freaking matter! if you are a fitness instructor in a country like mine, don’t work hard to be whatever I’ve mentioned before,  work hard to do the five previous steps! Even if you are chubby, obese or not even fit, and you need a lot of water breaks in the middle of the class, even if your personality sucks, even if you can barely jump on the spot it doesn’t matter as long as you are following the steps mentioned before!

Happy Group Exercise Instructors Life, To Everyone!


End Of 2015 Free Style Fitness Event & Show (Power Hut Gym)

A big shout out to all my blog readers and followers!

TB: One Live Chicago, August 2015!



With The Big Boys

With The Big Boys

With The Big Boys

With The Big Boys

Before The Big Show

Before The Big Show




Celebrating My BD In SH’BAM Master Class



Big Combat Rave

Big Combat Rave

Awesome Atmosphere

Awesome Atmosphere

With Dan & Rach

With Dan & Rach


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The After Party

The After Party


Les Mills Instructors, 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Quarterly Workshops!

QW 3, Amman/Jordan. Photo Credit Gary Leeman 2015

If you are a Les Mills International Instructor, you should certainly attend Quarterly Workshops, or as we call them “QW”, and you should certainly read this!

QW are workshops that happen 4 times a year, from its name you understand that they happen every 3 months; where you get to know the new releases for the first time, and usually before your members do, you also get to meet and greet National Les Mills Instructors, or as many of us call them Master Trainers, and also Les Mills International Presenters.

The 10 reasons that I commonly find convenient to attend the QW are!

01.Get To See, Learn and Experience The New Releases

That’s the main purpose why we go to QW! We are always eager for something new. and we are always excited and ready for it! Whether is was BodyAttack, BodyCombat, RPM or Shbam that you are teaching, you certainly want to be the first to know what’s up and what’s new!

02.To Be Updated Regarding Educational Sessions and New Information

Les Mills International focuses and emphasizes on our knowledge, not only our performances. There is a very big difference between certified instructors and non-certified instructors, and another big difference between certified instructors and members, which comes from knowledge. Members can sense the difference between those who know and understand and therefore they do, and those who just do because they have seen others doing, or been creative enough to do. Les Mills International Instructors always have enough knowledge and it’s varied from anatomy to techniques and coaching, and of course many more.

QW 3, Amman/Jordan. Photo Credit Gary Leeman

QW 3, Amman/Jordan. Photo Credit Gary Leeman 2015

03.Refresh Your Les Mills Igniting Energy

It happens that sometimes we lose out motivation and excitement as instructors over time. Working hard, and working out too hard can put the fire down. Being exhausted, and being the starter that fires people up and being the motivator can’t last forever. even though we all love what we do, and do it because we love it. QWs give you the chance to start fresh all over again, the fresh atmosphere and the maddening energy puts you back in place each and every time! Why would you hesitate to go if you need some igniting powers!

04.Meet and Greet The Super Stars

Master Trainers, Presenters and National Instructors are not always there and around, they are busy as *uck and not always there to meet up with! QWs give us the chance to meet them, stay in touch with them and above all that LEARN FROM THEM.

QW 3, Amman/Jordan. Photo Credit Gary Leeman

QW 3, Amman/Jordan. Photo Credit Gary Leeman 2015

05.Meet All The Colleagues From All Different Clubs

Some of you might think of their colleagues as their competitors, but come on! We have been working together or separately for quite some time now, and seeing each other is really refreshing! I love attending QWs to see all my colleagues, especially those that I don’t see on daily basis because they work for clubs I don’t work for, at least for now, or stopped working for, again at least for now. To see them sometimes is one of two things: 1. Better than not seeing them at all and 2. Sometimes even better than seeing them everyday! It’s cool, it’s fancy and it’s truly refreshing!

06.See Where You Stand and Self Evaluation

We don’t usually compare ourselves to our members, our members are our students, and we can’t compare ourselves to them, are are the Idols and the top models for them. In QWs that’s when there’s only us and we get the chance to really see how far we went, what have we done so far and what haven’t we. I consider this not as a competition but rather more of a self evaluation and self motivating strategy. Don’t get pissed off though, nor frustrated if you’ve seen people doing much better than you in many aspects, like physically, instead take that as  a positive gesture that you need to work more on yourself.

QW 3, Amman/Jordan. Photo Credit Gary Leeman 2015

QW 3, Amman/Jordan. Photo Credit Gary Leeman 2015

07.It’s Always About Time To Fix Your Technique

Attending QWs means you have a chance to always ask for advice when it comes to what you do and how you do things. We learn something new everyday, and our bodies evolve according to how much we exercise. During these workshops you have the best people role modeling for you, get up and go ask how to perform moves in a better way.

08.It’s Always About Time To Gain More Knowledge

This too is  very important for everybody, who are taking their career seriously. The best people in town are there to answer all your questions, especially during educational sessions. Interacting with the Master and National Trainers gives us a chance to sometimes get to know new things, add on new information or fix and edit other information in our heads. It’s also very good to be proactive because some of us are shy to get up and ask, so sometimes asking out loud gives others the chance to learn.

09.It’s Not Just Social, It’s a Business Opportunity

You are already there and around instructors who are business owners, or club managers! Why don’t you just go and introduce yourself, this is your chance to get some new classes added to your schedule! How smart is that?!

10.It’s Party Time, It’s Time To Make Good Memories

Take it slow, take it hard or take is easy! It’s all up to you! Scream and shout, it’s party time! You are a member all over again, and a student who came to party! Take pictures, look good, chill and make it phenomenal, it’s doesn’t happen everyday!

QW 3, Amman/Jordan. Photo Credit Gary Leeman 2015

QW 3, Amman/Jordan. Photo Credit Gary Leeman 2015

10 reasons you can’t work out, even at the gym!

I see people at the gym everyday, but that doesn’t yet mean that they are there to do what they came for. And I know some people who’d rather work out alone, or have no time to work out at the gym, so they prefer to work out at home. But still many people, most of the time go to work out, but they simply can’t keep up with it.

There are a few obvious reasons why this happens!

#1. Mobile Phones:

If you keep your phone around you at the gym, you won’t work out, or at least, you won’t work out properly. Simply because instead of holding objects like dumbbells and cables, you are keeping your hands busy with your phone, which will slow you down and keep you distracted.

#2. Gym Friends & Workout Buddies:

Sometimes we are lucky to find these people who want to actually work out and don’t waste time during the workout. And sometimes we are even luckier to find those who are always motivated to work out and just want to do it.

But most of the time, we fall into that trap of wanting to work out with people who are not willing to work out, but they simply don’t know about it. They might joins us once or twice and later on they will find so many excuses in order not to get going.

If you sign up at any gym or decide to follow a certain workout plan, make sure you visualize doing it by yourself and all alone before you hook yourself with anyone.

#3. Being Tired, Worn Out, Not In The Mood & The Lack Of Motivation:

Well this happens to all of us, most of the time, and it’s completely normal and natural. But once you feel tired, don’t make it look like you are tired forever, and not in the mood till the end of the days. We all need a break, but for us to keep being active, the break should be short and reasonable.

Motivation plays a big role in whether or nor we are working out. There are so many ways to motivate yourselves; taking pictures of your own body, looking for good gym or work out buddies, hiring a good personal trainer, downloading awesome songs that you like to hear while working out, trying different workout routines, changing gyms or work out locations, buying new training gear, following a certain fit public figure or fitness model, etc.

#4. Not Knowing What To Do & Where To Start:

If you never did any sports during your young days, you certainly won’t know what to do later on as an adult. This is why it’s very recommended to hire a personal trainer, who’s job is to plan your workout and explain to you what to do step by step, and also show you the right way to do things.

You don’t have to hire someone forever, because, for many of us, this is an expensive matter. But once you feel comfortable doing it by yourself, please feel free to go on alone, you don’t have to keep renewing your contract with your personal trainer.

#5. Being Someone’s Biggest Fan:

This trap is foxy, and loads of people fall into it.

You work out for your own sake, don’t attach your workout with certain people, like some group exercise instructor, or some personal trainer, or even some other member. All these people change jobs and gyms, they won’t last there for you forever, and fooling yourself by thinking this person motivates me the most, and this person lifts my mood up the biggest deal won’t do you any good once this person is on a long vacation, or injured or moved location.

Sometimes you find that person you wanna be a fan of, and later have a personal clash with them and hate the whole idea of working out.

#6. Not Seeing Results:

Not seeing results is a big frustration, but it doesn’t mean to stop the workout.

Sometimes we simply need to change our way of doing things, change methods and plans. Some workouts work for some of us and some don’t. Some people need to worry about their food more than their workout, and some need to lift more weights than others, and some need to do real excessive cardio more than others. There is no such a thing like one workout plan for everyone. You need to find the ultimate workout and perfect meal plan that suits you.

And yes all that takes time, getting to know your body is not an easy simple thing! Just take your time and be smart and wise listening to what your body tells you.

#7. Seeing Results:

That’s another dangerous trap! Have you ever met at your gym “The Member Of The Month” or met someone who showed you their “Before & After Pictures”? These probably are the people who are going to stop working out, because they think that’s it! They have reached their goals! And they keep admiring their pictures and forget the fact that without continuing their hard work they are going to gain that extra weight again, or they are gonna still look soft and saggy after losing so much weight. Looking lean and good is still another hard work to do.

Don’t fall into the trap of “Oh I finally am losing weight” Or “Oh, look! I’m starting to see my ABS”! Keep going, because you are not there yet, probably!

#8. Socializing Is Your Priority:

You won’t work out if your major goal at the gym or fitness center is to socialize. I see many people sitting here and there at the gym talking, sharing pictures and videos and talking about random things.

Remember one thing, the gym is taking your money whether you reached your goals or not, or whether you used their facilities or not. I suggest for those of you who like to socialize to find other ways and places to hangout at, that are cheaper and actually more fun.

And it’s very funny to hear this type of people complaining that they are not losing weight!

#9. Being The Gym’s Judge & Social Adviser:

Yes as you heard! Some people come to the gym to be Dr. Phil, to solve problems,  judge people, criticize how people do their jobs,  observe other people’s progress, or even call others names.

This is pretty sad and pathetic, because as a gym member why should you care who’s friends with whom, and which employee kisses ass for which boss? Or which member lost weight, and who gained muscle mass? Gym members, unless in their past lives had done what instructors, managers, receptionists and sales reps do, can’t evaluate these people’s jobs, and one is entitled to criticize others. So maybe everyone should just do what they are supposed to do and leave?

#10. Lack Of Time:

Life is too busy and stressful, some people have to work 10 hours a day still, and many work and have families to worry about. Not working out in this case if very reasonable, but it’s not an excuse.

You still can find a quality workout routine that takes 30 minutes of your time. There are many studies that say: 30 minutes workout can be perfect if done properly and the right way!


BODYCOMBAT™ 63, Surprisingly, Got Me Back On My Feet!

BC63 Screen Shot!

I’m glad to be alive to witness such a good thing like BODYCOMBAT™ 63! Yes it is tough, challenging and really gonna make you sweat! I’ve been teaching the release for a bit longer than a month now, and I still can’t get sick of it. All I want for everyone around the world to try BODYCOMBAT™ 63!

I’m very impressed about the fact that the warm up is an actual warm up, finally, heart rates spikes up, which is very important to get warm and flexible enough for what’s coming. In a few releases I always thought Oh the warm up wasn’t good enough and suddenly track 2 is a killer. But this time is different, by the time the warm up is over track 2 seems very doable, and continues to heat your body up. Well done on this one!

I like the music in release 63, it’s very motivating, well chosen and attractive too. Some people despise track 7 music-wise, because it sounds happy, and Muay Thai, for many should be aggressive accompanied by some aggressive music, but come on get to listen to lyrics and sarcastically laugh while getting your ass kicked.

To be honest I’ve had lost lots of my fitness, since I got sick with arthritis, because for a while I couldn’t walk, then I could but couldn’t run or jump, even though I over came all that, I turned less fit by the time I recovered. Although I went back to doing my job, I still suffer some sort of imbalance, standing on one foot seems hard to do still, but it’s getting better.

I had no actual daily motivation to workout hard, especially doing cardio, because for a long time, it was accompanied by pain, and pain frightens you automatically, so when I first tried BODYCOMBAT™ 63 I was quite impressed, and by the time I started teaching it I loved all of it, and it did help me challenge myself, now after doing this for a bit longer than a month I can teach the whole release without needing to stop to pull myself together. Which makes me happy honestly, because for a while I thought I won’t be able to be there again.

Many times you might feel like you are losing your breath totally, you are going to feel like your heart is about to collapse and that your lungs can’t give you enough oxygen to continue, but please this is when you gotta suck it all in and continue, because only then, when you break through this wall of fatigue, you can get better, fitter, stronger and faster!

All the combats and the boxing tracks are cool, members love that, and track 4 is the highlight with all the crawlings and the push ups in the middle. I’m also glad there are repetitive moves like the round house kicks in track 2 and the side kicks in track 4 because both helped my balance get better and my technique too, and I agree lots of practice is what gets the members there too.

Please share your good experience with others, take your friends to our classes, we would love to see new people over there having a blast with us, it’s too good to be true, I want more people to explode with us! BODYCOMBAT™ 63 is itself a revolution in the world of fitness, in my eyes at least.

Stay With The Fight!