The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, The Tax of Luxury “Episode 10”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

No, the Queen hasn’t been just sitting over there doing nothing. She has been observing and observing. She’s pretty curious and furious too.

Zoya, the Queen, noticed something long long time ago when she was a citizen, she noticed the tax of luxury, and knew long ago that the tax is high.

Some “citizens” down there strive to have a luxurious life, in order to have everything. They work hard, days and nights, start businesses, make them grow, hiring people to work for them as well. Running round and round to see big numbers in their bank accounts. They want to have the fanciest cloths, the biggest houses, the latest technologies and the most expensive cars. They want to provide their children with the most “effective” education, and take their families on trips for the most amazing places on vacations.

They are ready for everything, good and bad, just to accomplish their materialistic goals and their social statuses. This can be good of course, but not all the time. Rich “citizens” don’t have to go through this pain, or spend all these efforts, simply because they were born and going to die this way, having everything. In the contrary, “citizens”, who want a high life, want it all, but she knew also since she was a “citizen” that no one can hold all the apples in one hand.

And so, she observed them from above, taking all the stress, making money, and thereafter they had so much to worry about, they had to pay a lot in return, bank credits, massive house holds, expensive educations, huge health insurances, cars and properties maintenance, income taxes, employees salaries, families’ financial requirements, every big and small, etc, and above all that they pay their health to reach the summits. But hey! Time… Time passes by quickly, and people age sooner than they think, and why? Because they have been too busy noticing it, too busy to enjoy their lives, too busy to get to know themselves and their loved ones. They have been working so hard to enjoy things later, instead of enjoying things now and today. And later may not come. The Queen didn’t need to imagine, but wished for them to imagine, if one of them was on a vacation to enjoy their times with their closest people, and their heads are messed up with work and stress, with digits and numbers, with responsibilities and worries, what would that vacation be like? If one worked their whole lives, and did everything to have everything and once they had it, which is always less than they wanted, and suddenly their lives were over, how sad would that be? They wouldn’t have the chance to enjoy the results of their efforts and time.

The Queen, although wanting to help the kingdoms, didn’t do anything this time to change reality. Knowing how greedy “citizens” can be, and how miserably they live and later die.

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Hypocrisy “Episode 8”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

Everybody hates hypocrisy, but many can’t live without it. This thought made the Queen sick in her stomach, felt like throwing up. Why “citizens” can’t get over this bullshit?

The Queen has a very good friend of hers in the “upper-world”, a friend to whom she likes to talk. By the “Royal River” they sat, enjoyed the view and the breath taking golden charm of the river and its surroundings.

The Queen told her friend, “Gaia”, that she doesn’t like the fact that the majority of the “citizens” are hypocrites and that they don’t have the courage to be natural, honest, blunt and be themselves with others. And although “Gaia” looks rigid with her rocky hips and shoulders, along with her sandy legs, she has the brightest hair, all in green, and the most beautiful waterish eyes, they are as blue as the bluest sea, and as deep as the deepest ocean, “Gaia” has always been wise, patient, very adapting, funny, but could still be very short tempered.

“My dear Queen, what do you expect? They have been always the same since the beginning of life on the “under-world”, and they will always be like this”, “Gaia” said throwing golden stones into the river.

“Yeah, you have known them better than me, longer than me, and I can see your point, But what if?” Zoya the Queen commented,

“What is what your majesty?” “Gaia” kept a stone in her hand waiting for the Queen to speak.

“Don’t get me wrong dear “Gaia”, you know how “citizen” are when they are drunk, high or under the effect of certain things? you know right?” She wondered.

“Of course I know! But what is your point your majesty?”

“My point, and don’t get me wrong again I repeat, if we got all these “citizens” drunk and high down there, don’t you think things will be different? I think they will have a chance to be more honest, they will treat each other openly, no theater drama and hypocrisy will be needed.”

“My Queen!! You do know that some of them become aggressive and dangerous when they are under the effect of alcohol and drugs, don’t you?”, “Gaia” showed concerns.

“Well of course I know, what If we just give them the right dosages? Not to over do,  that’s what I mean, I want to see them honest, just honest!”, she explained.

“Gaia” laughed, and thought it won’t be bad to experiment that, she loved watching “citizens”, their behaviors have been always a subject of curiosity to her, though “citizens” did and still ruining “Gaia”‘s health and pretty looks with all their industries, trashing and carelessness.

“Let’s do it and see”, “Gaia” whispered to the Queen, and so the day came when every single adult “citizen” was under the effect of some drug or alcohol, “Gaia” and the Queen sat there in that room where they can monitor and see the world down there, they were sitting there and laughing so hard at how human can look totally respectful at the same time very ridiculous when honest. It was totally funny to see how some “citizens” flipped against their work partner, bosses, life partners, friends, quit their jobs, started looking for other houses, decided to change expensive cars for cheaper cars, decided to stop buying expensive clothing and instead by something during the sale seasons or from the flee markets, many were honest enough to simply be themselves and do the things they enjoy, simply the things they enjoy, not just do things to get approved by others. Watching those “citizens” suddenly change and suddenly open up and start doing new things or quit doing old things, amazed both the Queen and “Gaia”. But that wasn’t enough for them, they took a look at social networks, and they both thought observing “citizens” and read their statuses and comments on social networks were completely different experiences.

Their statuses turned out to be shocking! Too honest they were! Telling each other they no longer wanna talk to each other, calling each other names, bragging about their honesty, feeling too powerful and strong, admitting being silly, idiots, dumb, scared, selfless, or even selfish in the past, opening up and expressing how sick they got of having to wear masks and pretend things they don’t feel.

And there were other good things too, like opening up to each other and expressing admiration and love towards each other, they weren’t scared that day to express their  good feelings. Which was pretty amusing to both the Queen and her good friend “Gaia”

And that’s how they spent some time together during the day, watching, monitoring, reading statuses and laughing. Although they both knew as soon as these “citizens” sober up everything will be back to what it used to be: HYPOCRISY, HYPOCRISY AND MORE HYPOCRISY!

Katia 🙂

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Architecture? “Episode 7”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

Zoya, The Queen of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, decided one day to take a quick trip to the “Under-world”, to see the beauty of cities’ architecture. She has always been fond of what “citizens” of all times created with their talents, smartness and needs.

She roamed around all the “remote kingdoms”, admiring some of what she saw. She enjoyed the Roman and the Greek architectures, and all the myths related to them. While the Islamic architecture has been always breathe taking to her, with all its illustrations. She always thought the Indian was full of thought, spirituality and beauty. And fascinated by  the Korean, Chinese and Japanese architectures, as they were full of royalty and deserved lots of respect. And liked to be there where the Mesoamerican architecture exists, because she liked to travel in time as well, to imagine or maybe try to remember what was there then.

She never liked the Medieval architecture, nor the life style back then, and for that she didn’t want to go and take a look, she never wanted to refresh her memories there. But she entertained herself a bit with the Gothic style.

The Queen liked what she thought was artistic, and so a bit more modern style was also something she wanted to see during her trip, so of course she paid some visits to cities that have the Baroque and the Classic styles.

She moved into modern architectural cities in her “remote kingdoms”, she preferred the Expressionist style rather than the International style. Some of the Critical Regionalism was good enough to impress her, but the Postmodern style wasn’t her favorite.

The Queen enjoyed her trip, although she didn’t understand how many, many cities didn’t have any style, any architecture and no taste at all; just random houses, buildings, silly concrete bridges, no monuments or landmarks to be mentioned. Besides that the style wasn’t all unified. And to her surprise this chaos and mess existed in kingdoms that once upon a time were glorious, those who had conquered the world once or twice in the past, those who were pioneers in science, arts and literature! She told the King as she returned to her Royal Palace in the “Upper-world” that “It is absolutely disgusting to walk or drive in such places, very lame and very unorganized, they don’t even pay attention to their cities’ structure, of course they won’t be able to unify the style”.

The Queen always like to spend her alone-time by the “Royal River”, up there, where it’s tranquil in a color of gold, and thought; if these “citizens” of our days right now or say a century back, couldn’t be smart enough themselves nor talented to create beautiful cities for themselves, they then could have simply copied some styles made by others in previous times, or parallel times. Copying doesn’t need any smartness, or creativity. All they needed to do, in her opinion, is to travel a bit around, see what they like, and do the same in their cities before damaging them with ridiculous concrete. She also thought; how can anyone abandon rivers and seas and establish major cities in the middle of nothing but sands and rocks! She really wondered; can stupidity be the reason why these “citizens” couldn’t even think of copying, or stealing, if you like to call it? But they are so good at stealing each other!

To her they could have used their robbery skills in some fancy architectural ways!

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Confused Sexual Orientation “Episode 6”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

The Queen Zoya, spent a few hours alone, thinking, She did seem to be sad and frustrated. Up there, in the upper-world, everyone noticed her negative feelings and restlessness. King David The Great of course noticed it as well. But he is wise, and gave her the time she needed. He knew she was going to talk to him anyway when she hits the bottom. But strange enough, she didn’t turn to The King, and that was the first time he approaches her first to see what was wrong with her.

The Queen finds it hard to explain her thoughts, and The King finds all the patience in the world to listen to her and try to calm her down. She is his sweetheart and the only thing he truly loved, he never loved before her, because she was the first from the under-world to show him and let him know how love feels like.

“Your Majesty, you shall come with me and see what I mean, I can’t really explain it. When I lived down there, I didn’t see such at all!” She exclaimed restlessly. And naturally The King joined The Queen to observe together what was happening down there, in the under-world.

She highlighted some scenes and zoomed in others for him to see and understand what she meant; straight male “citizens” acting like women! The King, for his wisdom, wasn’t surprised at all.

“Your Majesty! How come you are so calm?” She asked, demanding an answer!

“Your royalty, my dear Queen, what is bothering you here? I still don’t see where your frustration is coming from?” He said.

“Your Majesty, these people, the men, the guys, or the males call them if you wish, are straight! Why do they behave like women? Talk like women, they even talk a lot like women? becoming soft like women? They even care for their looks and haircuts and fashion like women! Look here please your honor!! Some “citizens” are going crazy! This my dear King, is just a common, a “citizen”, he isn’t a public figure down there! He is not a super star down there! Why, tell me dear King, why would he post something stupid and girlish like this on a social network? HIS NEW HAIR STYLE? Dear, tell me please! Is he for example confused regarding his sexual orientation? Or what is it?” She wondered.

“Show me more my Queen”, he gently demanded.

“Here my dear King, look how self-disrespectful this is! This male “citizen” cries over breaking up with his girlfriend who he never actually wanted, look at his heart in the past, do you see any genuine love? He dares crying in front of people!”, She continued.

The King took a quick look at the “citizen’s” heart in the past which didn’t old any love to the girl, it never glowed for her.

“And this here, gossips like women, and this gossips like women to women, and this complains all the time like a woman about everything, and this takes a picture of himself and stairs at himself in the mirror every few hours, while this thinks of nothing but plotting problems like women. Your Majesty, take a look at this “citizen”, observe him now” she demanded helplessly.

The King observed and saw a straight male delicate and soft like women, yet mean and jealous at the same time, like some other women, and how he doesn’t have a certain opinion and flipping much between his thoughts, and acts and talks very hypocritically. He observed his past too and saw how many friends he lost for not being a man of his words, for he didn’t value his own being and honor. The King then looked The Queen in the eyes and waited for her to say something after many more he saw and observed.

“King David! I am waiting for you to say something!” She exclaimed, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

“My dear, what do you want me to do about these?” He asked.

“I am the one who should do something!” She announced. “But I don’t know what, for I don’t comprehend what I see!”

“But I strictly prohibit you, your royalty!” he said.

“And why? you didn’t even explain!” The Queen turned furious, and her finger mistakenly was pointing at some “remote kingdom” and there thunder storms started. The King in return didn’t bother himself much about the storms, “My darling, these “citizens” you just showed me are just a sample of empty headed people, those of no belief nor a common sense, “citizens” of no use they are, no use at all. Useless to themselves first, then to everyone and everything around them. These my dear think they have a life, but they are lifeless!” He explained. “But your Majesty, I want them to be the opposite! I also don’t want such people to multiply and ruin others around them!” She objected. “You my dear, didn’t let me finish my words!” He patiently interrupted her. “I’m sorry, please tell me what is it you wanted to say, enlighten me with your wisdom, your royalty!” she wasn’t patient but managed to pretend it. “The reason I strictly prohibit you from taking any action towards these “citizens”, is simply because, my dear look me in the eyes when I address you and stop observing these “citizens” for now, these are the comedians for everyone up here, they are one of the reasons for many up here to laugh and smile, they do entertain my people, my soldiers and my crowds up here! I do not allow you or anyone to ruin such a chance for a sarcastic laugh and smile in my “Upper Kingdoms”, besides that they still pay taxes! What is there to be upset about?”

The Queen then felt puzzled, yet agreed with The King. And later she understood, since she tried to look at these sexually confused “citizens” as comedians when she needed a laugh and it did actually suit her mood too.


The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Occasions! “Episode 4”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

Christmas? New Year’s? Mothers’ day? Valentine’s? The Queen thought: oh really? When is this going to end?!

The “citizens” were always totally annoying a few days before a certain occasion, running around shopping for gifts, clothes, booking spots in restaurants to dine, hotel rooms, or booking tickets in theaters, buying big amounts of flowers, chocolates, decorations, foods and beverages, etc. Making the cities noisy, dirty and jammed. Besides that everything looked so trivial, cheap, and pretty much meaningless, tasteless and colorless.

The Queen was wondering if “citizens” actually understood the real meaning behind these occasions, but she surely knew they didn’t. She also understood the majority of them were shallow, and expressed their feelings in a materialistic way, they were too shallow to take a minute and read to find out the real reason behind any occasion. She thought it’s totally odd how people don’t get sick and tired of repetitions, when every year they had the same occasions and they did the same things over and over again till their lives came to an end, and how they made sure to teach the coming generations to keep that loop of repetition. She even thought these “citizens” would celebrate any occasion even if it wasn’t related to them or to their culture and beliefs, and funny enough they did celebrate that the same way the celebrated everything else. She thought low of those who ignored glorious honorable occasions and replaced them with silly ones, and how they didn’t mind to erase their identities and origins. It was absolutely stupid to her how they didn’t notice how they keep making the rich richer when they keep spending, or wasting she preferred to think, their money this way.

Birthdays especially turned the Queen sarcastic and ironic, when she saw “citizens” joyful about their birthdays. She thought how can any of them be happy to lose one more year of their lives! But anyway there weren’t all that important to live forever.

She wasn’t pleased to see how the rich didn’t teach their kids to try and be creative but instead took them to shops to buy gifts and taught them nothing sensual but rather materialistic.

She was only happy to see how some kids down there tried to make gifts by themselves, drew and painted some cards and wrote actual letters, picked flowers from the fields, and crafted simple things that reflected their feelings and innocence. The poor of course had no chance to buy things, but rather made their own desserts, foods and drinks. They exchanged simple gifts they made themselves, or exchanged last year’s gifts. But those made her smile, when she sat on her throne above there and watched the life of these “citizens” passing by.

The Queen decided for 10 “citizen” years to ruin these occasions for the “citizens” trying to lessen the bullshit happening down their by making the weather totally icy, or absolutely  hot and dusty. She Enjoyed seeing icicles, and mirror like reflecting roads, and loved the seen of the golden sands flying aggressively in the air in tornado shapes. She loved that power of nature and loved more her power of control.  For 10 years in every occasion that people turned commercial and materialistic she used ice and extreme heat with dust to ruin their plans and their fake joy.

The Queen needn’t know what they thought, she knew exactly how they felt and what they thought. She laughed at some when they lost their temper over it, and how they smashed things and fought against each other, it made her laugh when she saw people getting depressed and letting themselves down, and how their bad moods were so strong and affected others, these were selfish she thought, selfish they had no consideration whatsoever. She was proud of these “citizens” who didn’t care and had enough brains to think nothing mattered but safety, good health and took care of their loved ones during the bad weather. She liked taking a look at those who took the chance to rest their bodies and brains, and those who took the chance to do the things they didn’t have the chance to do in regular days. She mostly enjoyed watching little kids running around indoors still playing and laughing, inventing new games every day to play and kill time.

And although 10 years passed of no actual “citizen” celebration, nothing changed afterwards, the Queen stopped making the weather horrible for them, but still the moment things went back to normal they went back to their old habits and their old ways of doing things. She thought “citizens” will never ever change, the majority never wanted to change or make any difference and progress, instead 10 years of no celebrations made them hungry for more trivial ways of celebrating. And so the Queen decided to remember all those who did their best during these 10 years and decided to rewards them with inner peace and rewarded them with more wisdom and smartness. Although she loved the kids the most, and protected them every chance she had, she still kept an eye on them to see how they are growing up and what direction they were to choose for themselves as they started to mature a bit. She knew they are not going to be cute, innocent and lovely kids forever.

Katia 🙂

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Flipping Directions! “Episode 3”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

The Queen took a trip to the underworld again, after she and the King made sure their industrial plans are settled. Every time they visit the underworld they had to transfer themselves into humans, because “citizens” won’t be able to accept something they are not familiar with.

So her visit this time was to see more of what’s happening, although she already knew and could see everything from above, from the upper-world, but for her royalty that wasn’t enough, she wanted not only to see but also to feel everything. She wasn’t very pleased with how “citizens” do things, how they finish their tasks and jobs incompletely, she thought “citizens” generally tend to ignore perfection, she saw how they didn’t see the depth of their own lives, and how they do what they don’t like, or what they actually don’t understand, keeping themselves in limited circles in life. She didn’t like the fact that many of them weren’t grateful for what they had. And that of course wasn’t what would satisfy her. Knowing herself that in her “remote kingdoms” there were plenty of things to do, to have, many places to visit and see, many blessings to be grateful for, and most of all there was freedom for all but they simply didn’t know what freedom was like or how to find it.

The King himself, thought the Queen shouldn’t bother herself too much with that, since it was their lives and they, the “citizens”, cold live it as they wished, and they anyway their lives were relatively short. But he didn’t stop her either, acknowledging to  himself how much of a perfectionist she was, and she is until this day. And he also understood long time ago that she would still always have her human side. Oh well I forgot to tell you that the Queen Zoya herself one day was human, was a “citizen” in some “remote kingdom” just like the others, but somethings happened and changed her life completely. I will narrate that to you later, when the time is right. But don’t get confused here, King David The Great was never a “citizen”.

The Queen communicated with some “citizens” in different “remote kingdoms”,

Dear citizen of the “remote kingdom”,

I would like to know how you feel about hour job and life style, knowing that you are a mathematics teacher, with no other interests whatsoever, My Royalty also knows that you are not very happy doing your job. You were more enthusiastic a few years ago, and you were willing to do what you had to do to teach kids and teenagers mathematics in a proper way. But no more now. 

The Queen of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms.


This “citizen” was astonished by receiving a message like that on his phone, sent from a local no. and didn’t really understand who that was, he knew nothing about the words she used, like The Queen of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms! where is that coming from? what Kingdoms? And what Queen. Where he lived they had a president, and where he lived people didn’t call each other “citizens”, that to him was completely bizarre. He in return took that message as a joke, and replied back:


Who are you? And what are you talking about?

Ralph J.K

The Queen replied after she sighed:

Dear Citizen,

Kindly take this seriously, for I know you aren’t. I know who you are and I know where you live. There was no need to mention your name to my royalty.

The Queen of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms.


The “citizen” was now doubtful, but he did sense something important now in the first message and so he decided to try and open up and see maybe that can be a place to vent and complain:

Queen Zoya,

I don’t see any purpose why I should be happy about my job when I have been doing it for years now and people don’t appreciate it, neither the management, nor the students. I haven’t even gotten a respectable raise, and this is why I don’t like my job no more. And I can’t find a reason to like it and put all my efforts in it. 

Speaking of interests there is nothing much to do in this city, and I don’t feel like I should do anything.

She did somehow understand where is this all coming from. By the way, The Queen was taking a boat trip across the Indian Ocean, relaxing under the merciful sun, she pretty much likes the underworld oceans and sees, they absolutely differ from what she has in her upper-world. She of course replied to Ralph:

Dear citizen,

Have you tried to change your job? And I myself know how interesting your city is, in this “remote kingdom” there are many things to do, other “citizens” did improve the city a lot, and the youth there did make their best to make the city a fun place to live in!

The Queen of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms.


Annoying he found it how she had to sign every single message, but he just ignored that, and found it an old-school kind of thing. But anyway he replied:

No, I haven’t tried to change my job. I haven’t got the time to think of anything else I can do, time passes by too quickly, a week starts to finish followed by another and so on.

And regarding what you called it an interesting city, it’s not true, I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with you. What do find interesting here? The parks? or the clubs? or the many restaurants? or the museums that we visited over and over when we were kids? Or maybe you mean all the diving, snorkeling and other water activities we have because we are located by the ocean? Or what is exactly you mean?

The Queen saw that coming, these “citizens” never tried to see other cities or other “remote kingdoms” and for them everything seemed lame by now, everything is so familiar and lame, boredom got to them. But it was still as she saw it their fault to trap themselves like that. She didn’t reply to that “citizen” again. She did communicate with other citizens too, and without them knowing she visited their houses, work places, saw their properties and lands, watched them from afar suffering poverty and pain. But she wanted to teach them something, something they didn’t know before. Let’s take this Ralph as an example.

Zoya the Queen decided to put that “citizen” in a position where he can change his life and learn. She did manage his life to go in certain way so he loses his job, and ends up unemployed for several months. He didn’t move a muscle for a while, but when he started running out of money he started searching and looking, he even sat and thought of himself and what he liked to do and what he didn’t want to be like. For him being unemployed for several months was awful, it did frustrate him, he went crazy sometimes, cursing everything. Sometimes he ended up being drunk, wasted, totally wasted. He didn’t know what to do, no one called him for any interviews although he applied to several schools and companies, and when they did they never called him back to see him again or to offer him an actual job. He at some point had to accept silly jobs he never wanted, like being a delivery car driver, he accepted jobs like a waiter, things only students would do. But he had no choice. At the same time, he took it easy and bit by bit he learned to be patient, he did realize that he could do better at his previous job as a teacher, and he could get promoted, and he admitted to himself that he never tried hard enough to get there. He sooner started doing the things he enjoyed, he enjoyed taking pictures of people and the city, he did enjoy hanging out at the beach and made new friends, positive people who also tried to help him to find a job. Yes he still got frustrated sometimes, and thought he lost hope some other times, but he told himself that even if he gets mad and smashes things at home or fights with someone he was going to still try. One day he did realize that he was never grateful towards any of the jobs he ever had. A week later, he was employed in a corporate that needed creative smart people like him, with enough IQ to help the government to keep their schools and universities updated with the latest information and researches, and he loved that job!

Queen Zoya from above, did keep up with the changes this “citizen” and others faced, and saw how each one of them reacted to all that. She was very impressed with another “citizen” who decided at the end that he didn’t want to stay where he was staying, since he always complained he never belonged to where he came from and that his country, as humans call it, no matter how hard he tried never made him a rich man, he suffered enough poverty in his life and he got sick of it, and things got worse as well after he received that weird message from that person who called herself The Queen. He decided travel and travel across the “remote kingdoms” until he found one that he could finally call home and after a couple of years of settling down he started his own business, which later made him finally a rich man!

Little did they know how much they can change with their own hands if only they wanted to.

“Episode 2”

“Episode 1”


The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, The Royal Educational Missions! “Episode 2″

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

The noble hired staff of “The Royal Educational Missions” did spend enough time for research and study to decide how to filter “citizens” in some “remote kingdoms” to see who’s IQ was high and who’s is low. And accordingly in some regions, or call them “remote kingdoms” the majority of “citizens” did have low IQ levels. That was decided according to IQ tests and brain scanning. The noble staff did feel surprised to results.

IQ testing and brain scanning continued till everyone in the “remote kingdoms” got tested and scanned. It didn’t take much time for this to be done, a human year we can say, which is less than a month in the upper world. Everything was decided, but not everything was supposed to be done suddenly and right now, because the King and the Queen have forever lasting plans to keep the development and progress happening in both worlds, the upper and the under.

Some “kingdoms” were completely evacuated, they were chosen according to their landscape or earth resources and environment. No  “citizen” were allowed to live there for a while. And thousands of factories where installed, or under construction, hundreds of thousands of barracks for the working “citizens” to live in, and of course civil service centers. Other than that nothing was to be done. A whole “human country” was turned into an industrial land, ready to start as soon as the “citizens” with low IQ are brought in. These places were not to be recognized anymore, no landmarks, no statues, no houses like before, you won’t see schools, universities, temples, restaurants, malls, cars, etc.

People were moved in, information on how to do and what to do were simply installed in their brains, they were taught in seconds how to live a whole life full of routine and no creativity, and a whole list of what not to do was also installed,the list was long, long enough that doesn’t fit in a book, but in the brain it remains.

Sadly these “citizens” that were chosen as workers also had their feelings removed, there was no way to keep them with their feelings, what if they didn’t like their jobs, what if they didn’t like their routine and wanted to change that? what if they felt tired and needed a vacation? no no that is all not a possibility! What about all the dramas that may happen inside work environments that is usually started by women? there was no time to waste inside such “kingdoms” this is the place for work, for making and for production, and human reproducing was also programmed in these “kingdoms”, “citizens” there have no choice of when to have kids, this is what the upper world decides. And so They started manufacturing everything smart “citizens” needed in other kingdoms. That was the “infinite working labor”, and the infinite “industrial kingdoms”



Episode 1

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, The Royal Educational Missions! “Episode 1”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

The King and the Queen are on a mission to increase the level of education in all the “Remote Kingdoms” after noticing a huge drop down in education and “citizens’ IQ” there.

Communicating with some “citizens” did actually show that education in the underworld is fruitless. there is one communication happened between the Queen and one “citizen”:

Dear citizen of the remote Kingdoms,

Provide my royalty with your exact address, our Royal Educational Missions need to reach out to you and all the locals in your surrounding to figure the reasons for low IQ. We believe there is a serious problem in education in your region.

We look forwards to your civil proper support.

The Queen of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms,


The “citizen” did cooperate:

Remote Kingdom Jordan,

15, South  Eastern St. Block 1505

Come so I can screw your face!

The Queen’s response:

Dear Citizen, 
My royalty did stress on the importance of a civil and proper help…

Anyway, the missions will be there soon.

The Queen of The Kingdom of All Kingdoms,


The “citizen” was still mad for no obvious reason for the queen, and kept insulting and cursing the King, the Queen and the Kingdom of all Kingdoms. The Queen did still want to help her citizens, nevertheless they are in her remote kingdoms. And so the Queen ordered a new house for the “citizen” keeping in mind the “citizen’s” emotional status and materialistic needs to settle down and find a shelter, her order came like this “What is wrong with this citizen… Give her a new house, maybe she needs a place to stay in…” but still the “citizen” was acting weird.

The Royal Educational Missions already have a plan and have their standards to detect the error in education and the low IQ. Their mission now is just to find the reasons and measure the size of the problem then afterwards take action. In case the problem was not sever and can still be handled the Royal Educational Missions will change the whole system of education in the “Remote Kingdoms”, keeping in mind the culture, the needs and the diversity in the societies. But if the problem was very complicated and there was no chance to fix educational problems in some “Remote Kingdoms”, the Royal Educational Mission will have to report these regions as “Educationally Useless”, the “citizens” in these regions will be used differently to serve “citizens” who are more educated and help them develop their kingdoms.

The King and the Queen both understand and realize the importance of keeping the progress everywhere. If one kingdom refuses to be educated it should be as a helping tool for others. The uneducated kingdoms can be easily turned into complete industrial camps, where “citizens” have to work 8 hours daily to manufacture and provide what educated and more progressed “citizens” need for their further progress. Their lands will soon change, and there will be no culture, or history, or pleasure at all, it all will be removed from their lives. The landscape will be changed in order to benefit from it and use all the elements earth has in certain regions. Big factories will be installed, and basic housing systems will be built. no colors, no beauty, only what is needed for a basic life of a worker. Uneducated “citizens” might be moved away to lands that can be of a much use, to another “Remote Kingdom” they have never seen or heard of.

For you down there, in the underworld, this may sound harsh, may sound cruel. But for The Kingdom above there is no other way to do things, since every “remote kingdom” has given hundreds of human years to develop, to improve itself and prove to The Kingdom above that they are worth huge progress and deserve a royal support.

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