The Bad Boss!

Bad Boss
Bad Boss

We all have seen, met and dealt with The Bad Boss for sure. But the idea of The Bad Boss itself bothers me sometimes, and because it does, I want to bother it in return.

The Bad Boss is usually a person with an awful personality, like they don’t know what they exactly want, now they are your friends and tomorrow you are their worst enemy. You can never tell how does The Bad Boss look at you or see you. So the moment you discover that you have The Bad Boss around I advise you to be wise.

I have also noticed that The Bad Boss is usually very unqualified for their position, not very unqualified but rather severely unqualified! They got the job because they know someone in that firm who was a strong connection, or because there were no other better options, or because someone qualified has a bad relation with the highest management and so they don’t wanna give the job to the qualified to piss them off so they give it to the The Bad Boss.

The Bad Boss usually can’t make the right decisions and sometimes can’t make any decision at all, why? Because they don’t have the smart experience to know what is good and what is not, and usually they take decisions that serve a personal matter.

As I mentioned before The Bad Boss usually has an awful personality they have big ears, they don’t have their own professional opinion about things, probably because they are not sure what to think, and so they like to listen and adore followers who gossip a lot, hoping to get some useful information, but we all know that it’s a bad attempt. Hey! Because The Bad Boss has big ears they also take everything personally! Not professionally! If you want to judge someone’s work for example you can go check them working, or see their reports, but when you want to love them or hate them you have to listen to what people say. Besides the followers will tell The Bad Boss only what serves them as well, even if that was against everyone else.

The Bad Boss is a very bad time manager as well. You wanna waste your time at work? Work with The Bad Boss! If some task usually takes you 10 minutes The Bad Boss is a very talented person in wasting time, because they either don’t know any better, or they think if they made the task take longer time it will seem more serious and more important.

If you think you are not good at what you do stick to The Bad Boss, because The Bad Boss likes to support losers, they never support successful people, why? Because losers aren’t competitors to them while successful people may one day rise above them and take their positions, they worry, they are not confident to let them shine. If you are a successful person with ambitions avoid working with The Bad Boss, good luck finding another job, don’t waste your time there. The Bad Boss will try as much as they can to demolish your efforts and efforts at work.

The Bad Boss has another great talent which is putting the wrong people in the right positions and the right people in the wrong positions, I think it’s some sort of disorientation, and that causes more unprofessional results.

Oh yeah! The Bad Boss doesn’t know how to communicate usefully, they either talk too much without letting you know what you’re exactly supposed to do, or they talk too much you realize they are not trying to do anything but complain or gossip, or there is another options which is, they don’t talk enough so you get really confused, like there aren’t enough information but you know there is something you should deal with or a problem that you should solve, because in the last case they are not sure what the problem is and they didn’t comprehend or process any information given to them. Bare mind please that The Bad Boss doesn’t know also when to communicate and what method to use. Let me explain this, they might text you late at night, or call you on your day off, as if your love and passion in life is to hear their voices. There is another example, some problems and issues are urgent they cannot be delivered in a text message or emails, because who knows when people are going to get them, or if they in purpose ignore them, The Bad Boss texts when they should call, and call when they should text and so on.

The Bad Boss might directly and indirectly encourage you to do immoral things to get the job done or maybe go with a cheap standard, they might point some twisted employee out there and say: “HEY LOOK THEY ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!” But they not necessarily do the same, they might who knows.

The Bad Boss also doesn’t have skills to work within a team or create or maintain a good team. That’s due to their ignorance of the importance of team work, second, their love to fame and popularity, so they think all the credit and applause will go to them alone at the end.

The Bad Boss doesn’t know how to deal with or behave in front of customers. Have you ever been in a situation that your boss says bullshit about one of your colleagues to you in front of clients thinking he/she is quiet enough not to be heard? That is being The Idiot Bad Boss. This case is really hazard and somehow hopeless. Or your boss, I don’t care if that was a male of a female, verbally flirts with colleagues in front of customers, and so loud and clear like they don’t care, or flirts with clients. I know people who work with The Bad Boss, who flirts with them, and they take that as an advantage to ruin The Bad Bosses reputation. So The Bad Boss can be bad enough to ruin their own lives at work. Or there is also another important situation when you are actually talking to one of the customers and The Bad Boss comes and interrupts, or interferes without understanding exactly what’s going on! This! Oh My God This Is! Just Beautiful when it happens. You feel like you don’t wanna live no more in the same time zone with That Bad Boss.

The Bad Boss isn’t limited to what I have said and mentioned, there are so many types of Bad Bosses, and I would really be happy to hear from you guys, what is The Bad Boss to you?

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms, Useless? Fired! “Episode 5”

The Kingdom of All Kingdoms
The Kingdom of All Kingdoms

So in  the infinite “industrial kingdoms” hundreds of millions of “citizens” worked and worked all the time, on a single shift or on a double shift. They worked day and night. They no longer had names or identities, they had numbers, they were digits, yes digits that’s all they were.  So when they got into work they had to sign in using their digits and sometimes finger prints, and when they left work or got a break they had to do the same, no one trusted nobody, if one forgot to sign in it was their problem, there was no way to prove that they worked that day or that night. No one considered anyone’s circumstances, situations or position. So if they came they came, they signed in and it was going to show later, and if they didn’t they had to double their working hours later, or they had no chance to take a rest, or they got paid less,which is again about digits!

Besides that no one addressed anyone as a person, no one asked someone how they were doing, or how they felt, or what was up! no one cared for no one. All that mattered was to do and get the job done. And what mattered at the end was results, and results were also digits. How much of this we made and how much of that we finished, and how much are are going to produce of this item, and how many missing items are there, what are we exporting and how much of it has been requested, and what are we importing, when and how many, what’s the cost? what’s the income? That was briefly what was happening in  the infinite “industrial kingdoms”

So what happened if one worker couldn’t work anymore, if they lost some body parts while working, which happened frequently in places like factories and mines, some of these “citizens” lost some limbs? And what about those who ended up with serious sicknesses like cancers, especially those who worked in radiated environment? What happened to those who faced smaller problems like breaking bones or got seriously injured but by time they maybe had a chance to go back to work, because that all they had to do! They were not meant to have anything else to do or another life to live! What about those who simply died in some work accidents? So what happened to those?

You may wonder, right? I’m going to tell you nothing but the truth, those “citizens” who were just labor, lived and died at work. And what happened to those who became useless? and what happened to those who were useless for a while! They were fired, thrown away like used old rags, they were simply replaced. Everyone down there was used till totally abused. And when  the infinite “industrial kingdoms” needed some labor they simply requested more digits to do the work. And that happened either through the “Royal Educational missions” since they knew how to find people with low IQ, or letting some labor, in advance of course since it was all planned and designed to last for hundreds of decades, to make children, and those children were considered as the future labor digits. And of course to answer your questions, they were all brought up with the least resources and with no education, they were simply made to be nothing but non-stop workers, they were meant to grow up to work till they died. And those who died were burned and their ashes no one cared for. To bury all these it meant they had to sacrifice some space of land, which no one wanted to do, it can be used for industrial purposes.

That was the life cycle of a working “citizen”, it can be short, it can be long, but at the end it was all the same.

Katia 🙂